Randy Jackson is widely known for being a previous member of a band entitled The Jacksons. He is constantly a dancer, singer-songwriter, and musician. Whereas, Michael Jackson, undoubtedly was called the prince of the Pop world.

Michael Jackson represented himself as a star power, a unique dancer, a musician, and so on. Both Randy Jackson and Michael Jackson come from similar family backgrounds, Jackson Family. Consequently, people are asking if Randy Jackson is related to Michael Jackson.

Is Randy Jackson Related To Michael Jackson?

Randy Jackson and Michael Jackson have not related anymore. Randy Jackson is one of the leading judges for a talent show named “American Idol”, which is broadcast on Fox Television. In fact, they don’t retain any family connections at all.

Randy Jackson/Instagram: @randyjackson

Michael Jackson was a renowned personality in the cultural world. Randy Jackson came from Louisiana and completed his studies in music at Southern University situated in Baton Rouge, La. His area of performance is extremely wide.

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Randy Jackson performed with Jerry Garcia, who is a member of a legendary rock group called Journey. Randy established himself as both co-producer and co-writer. The album, “At Last” for which Randy Jackson was awarded a Grammy Award in 2002.

Randy And Michael Jackson Has The Same Name:

Michael Jackson was considered to be the best influencer by almost every pop artist. Therefore, it is no subject of astonishing that every artist in the music industry wanted to bear similarities with him. In terms of Randy Jackson, happened the same things.

Randy and Michael both are issued with similar last names, Jackson. Having the title people are spreading rumors and trying to establish a relationship between them. For sure, the two are not the same by any means.

Randy Jackson/Instagram: @randyjackson

The real fact is both of them are intensely talented in their own perspectives and bear a similar surname in the end. Actually, having a similar is a common phenomenon nowadays.

Which Family does Randy Belong To?

Randy Jackson took birth in a hospital, St Mary Mercy situated in Gary, Indiana. “Little Randy” is the nickname of Randy Jackson and he is the most adolescent one in his family. His mother’s name is Katherine Esther, on the other hand, his father is the late, Joe Jackson.

Two years of Randy Jackson, his family members formed a music band named The Jackson 5. Being immature, Randy didn’t have any place in the band as a member. Subsequently, he established himself for getting a place in the band, and he did so.

Randy Jackson Rose With The Jackson:

Randy Jackson’s family band The Jackson 5 modified its name and keep The Jacksons. It was a musical band of the ‘70s, and they literally maintained the band in a furnished way especially their dad Joe.

Randy Jackson/Instagram: @randyjackson

Before their fame, they performed and recorded their musical videos at home.

Gradually, they were effective to earn money by performing in local talent shows. Joe tried hard and soul to stand their band and sinned with a stamp in 1968, as they were finishing up with Motown Records.

Along with Randy Jackson’s brothers, the band ranked their single, “I Want You Back” on Billboard in 1970. Astonishingly, Randy was only nine years then.

The song was followed by “I’ll Be There”, “The Love You”, and “ABC” commanding international movers rewards around the world.

The band enriched itself as a blueprint for the successful individual careers of Joe, and then his sister Janet in the late 1980s and beyond.

Whom Does Randy Close to?

Despite growing up in a massive family, Randy Jackson has maintained a tied relationship with his younger sister Janet.

Randy Jackson/Instagram: @randyjackson

Janet is equally familiar with The Control Singer. She shouted for Randy Jackson on his birthday and posted it on Instagram.

Every so often, Janet shares their adorable photos on social media. Once, she wrote Randy that she loved him, wished his peace and happiness, and love him always be-with a heart emoji.

Randy Jackson is a co-shareholder with Janet at Rhythm Nation Records, an independent record producer label.

Randy Jackson/Instagram: @randyjackson

What Legal Problem Did Randy Jackson Have?

Randy Jackson dated a woman named Bernadette Swann. But she alleged that Randy harassed her physically and she didn’t feel secure. That’s why Swann went to her friend’s home.

Surprisingly, Bernadette was the former lover of his friend’s son. Her friend, Tina claimed that Randy came to her home to find Swann but she didn’t take any legal steps against Randy.

Randy Jackson was blamed for battery in 1991 for beating Eliza Shaffy. Eliza was his wife and later Randy was sentenced to a qualified mental asylum for 30 days.

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