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Is Polo G Married?

The rapper Taurus Tremani Bartlett is professionally known as Polo G. He rises to fame because of his singles. Apart from his professional life, his fans are curious to know about his personal life. Is POlo G married?

Well, the answer is no. Polo G is not married yet. However, he is dating Crystal Blease for a long time. She is a Tiktok star and mother of Polo’s child. The couple starting dating in 2018. 

Is Polo G Married
Polo G / Image / Instagram: @polo.capalot

However, their fans are waiting for a grand wedding ceremony. According to social media, they will be married soon. Even they engaged a long time ago. 

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If you notice their social media post, you will be able to see their affection for each other. Their fans are happy to see them together. They are eagerly waiting to see them married. 

Moreover, there is another rumor that Polo G was not engaged to Crystal anymore. But we don’t know the truth behind this. 

How is Polo G Life with Crystal Blease?

Polo G and Crystal Blease are in a relationship for a long time. So, they are supposed to be engaged. According to their social media account, they lived together and have a son named Tremani.

Moreover, they are doing great in their personal life. There are many things in their professional life that they shared. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they spent their vacation together. 

Crystal is famous on Tiktok for her hilarious videos. In the lockdown period, her Tiktok account has grown massively. Her one video went viral overnight. In a night, that video reached 10.9 million views. 

On Tiktok, they made several videos together. They made a video on Pass the phone challenge to each other. Crystal earned around 600k followers on her Tiktok account.

When Polo G’s girlfriend was pregnant, she posted a photo on her Instagram account and wrote a caption like ”We’ve come a very long way baby cap.. the universe is so excited to meet you”. 

During her pregnancy, she posted a little. Her fans-followers did not find her on social media. On the other hand, Polo was eagerly waiting for his child. 

Above all, Polo G is happy with his girlfriend and son. They keep their personal space for each other. 

Polo G with his son
Polo G & his Son / Image / Instagram: @polo.capalot

What does Crystal Blease do?

Crystal Blease is well known as a social media personality. She is also making videos on Tiktok. However, she is an entrepreneur and independent. 

Blease runs a cosmetic online store name Shop Brattitude. Her online business doing well and she enjoys her life with her child and boyfriend. 

On the other hand, because of her social media fame, people are really interested in her shop. She used to post about her online shop on Instagram. Now Social media is a platform for promoting business. 

So, it’s easy for Crystal to promote any kind of business. Because of Polo’s girlfriend, she got more popularity. Popularity helps her to grow her online business easily. 

Polo G Famous Work

In his short career, he did several famous works. The most famous one is the Hall of Frame. This album reached number 1 on the Billboard chart 200. 

This is the best achievement in his career. Because of his realistic lyrics and hard work, he earned his fame within a short time. He raises to fame for his tremendous work. 

In 2020, he released his song ”Go Stupid” with the rappers Nle Choppa and Stunna 4 Vegas. This track took position number 60 on the billboard 100 chart. For this track, he got much appreciation. 

However, in the same year, Polo G released his second studio album The Goat. This album consists of ten songs that were reached on the billboard 100 chart list. 

Moreover, he was also featured on famous rappers’ albums. In Juice Wrld’s album, he appeared as featured, and that album peaked at number 10 on the Billboard hot 100 charts. 

Again a song peaked to number 1 position on the billboard 100 chats. This song Rapstar was released in 2021 and debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 100 charts. 

Polo G has been appreciated for this work much than others. Most of his works are precious. He really did well in making music. Most of the lyrics written by Polo and are realistic.