Polo G is an American rapper who is famous for his tremendous work. Recently, there is a rumor about Polo G’s death. However, people are confused about the news. Let’s clear where or not Polo G is alive. 

Well, the answer is yes. Polo G is still alive and doing great. He is busy with his new album that’s why did not active on social media. From that time, this rumor spread through social media. 

Polo G / Image / Instagram: @polo.capalot

However, Polo G responds to this rumor and ensures his belonging through Instagram. At first, his fans got confused and did not believe the news. 

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A piece of news has been circulating on social media that Polo G is dead. An online page released this news first, they wrote like… 

”Yesterday rapper polo g died after ongoing beef with rival gang members and was found dead at the 1400 block of Mount lake street in Chicago Illinois his funeral will be held June 12 At 3 pm in Chicago Illinois”

After publishing this news on social media, his fans-followers believed about his death. That’s not true, and it’s all about rumors. Juice Wrld Merch Shop That page was posted again in 2020 about Polo G’s death. 

Moreover, after this news, his fans tweet to confirm whether it is true or not. Social media was full of Polo G death news. Most of the rappers were accused of death hoax news. 


However, people should not believe what they see or listen to. They should justify the truth. Some of his fans were shocked to hear his death. Anyway, they are relieved now. 

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How did Polo G React to his Death Rumor?

This rumor gave him another chance to live his life full of joy. In an interview, Polo expressed his feeling towards work and his fans. He said about his depression like…

”Every day a battle, I’m exhausted and I’m weary / Make sure I smile in public, when alone, my eyes teary / I fought through it all, but that shit hurt me severely.”

However, he did not react to hid death rumor. Most of the rappers faced this kind of rumor in their life. They did not pay any attention to rumors. 

Because of his music video shooting, he went to Chicago. An online page took this initiative and spread a rumor. When his manager clarifies the rumor, his fams got relieved. 

A day before yesterday, he posted on his Instagram account an image with a caption. Like… ”You can see da Blood🩸in my eyez I cried Red Tears but everything Happen for a reason don’t regret the life I live”

Polo G / Image / Instagram: @polo.capalot

Early Life of Polo G

Polo is considered a rising star. He was born on 6th January 1999 in Chicago. He was brought up in Marshall Field Garden Apartments with his siblings.

As a member of a large family, he grew up with his three siblings. He is the second son of his family. Moreover, having an elder sister and two younger siblings. 

However, his childhood was going well and smoothly. In his early life, he was arrested several times. In charge of car thief and drugs, he went to jail. 

At the age of 15, he lost his close friend to gun violence. Then, he developed his career in rap music. At first, his parents were not supportive of his choice but he did not give up. 

However, at the age of 17, Polo started his career professionally as a rapper. Then he did not turn back and because of his hard work, got success. 

Social Media Activity

Polo G is a rising star who is also famous on social media. He has a verified account on Instagram. On Instagram, he has above 8.9 million followers. 

However, he used to post his work update and song release date on social media. Because of social media, he did not promotion for his new album. 

Through social media, he makes sure his connection with fans. On his Twitter account, he has 2.4 million followers. His death rumor first spread through Twitter. 

Social media is a great palace to connect with your close one. For celeb, it’s a big platform to promote their work and connect with fans. 

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