I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors and speculation that Meek Mill is not alive, but is actually on house arrest. The rumor has been around since he was released from prison in April of 2017.

However, no matter how many times it is debunked by members of his team or people close to him, it keeps coming back up again and again! Is Meek Mill alive or dead?

The answer is no. Meek Mill is still alive and doing well. The rumor was spread because his album is not releasing since 2018. This gap in the music industry will create this rumor. 

In a recent interview, Meek Mill talked about this rumor and said, “I’ve been through a lot in life and I know what people are saying. But I’m still alive.”

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How the Rumor Spread?

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Meek Mill talked about the rumors that he is dead. He said:

“I’ve been through a lot in life and I know what people are saying. But I’m still alive.”

In a recent interview, Meek Mill has debunked these claims by stating that he’s “alive”. Sometimes, people believe what they listen to or read on social media. That’s why the rumor spread easily.

All the rumors end when his manager talked clarify all the matter. In social media account, he said,

“Meek is alive and well, stop believing what’s being posted.” All his friends also confirmed this statement.

Social media is a platform where any news viral within a short time. It is the cause of all rumors.

Meek Mill Early Life

Robert Rihmeek Williams is known as Meek Mill which is his stage name. He was born on May 6, 1987, in South Philadelphia. His father was a drug dealer who died when Mill was just 5 years old.

Mill grew up without his dad and he had to do many things at an early age like selling drugs. He is not ashamed of it because he said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

After his father died, his mother Kathy moved to North Philadelphia with her son and sister. Meek’s mother started working in a salon to support her family and many other things.

Above all, Meek Mill suffered a lot in his early life. He was born into a life of poverty and drug addiction.

In his early teenage year, he took part in a rap battle. This was when he found his passion and decided to pursue a career in rap. He is often criticized for not speaking on social issues, but this is because of the way that he grew up.

From this battle, he felt his interest in rapping. He became known as the “King of Raps” and has been seen by many to be one of the best rappers in history.

The rapper Meek Mill is known for the records that include “Dreams & Nightmares”, “Wins & Losses” and “Championships”.


There was controversy surrounding him that after he and Drake got into a fight in the nightclub back in 2016. Meek Mill has been arrested for reckless endangerment and sentenced to two to four years of probation on July 11th, 2017. The sentence caused mixed reactions from different people around the world.

Many believe this may have been because of his outspoken views on police brutality or it could be due to personal vendettas between himself and other celebrities like Jay Z.

People, on the other hand, believe that he was sentenced because of his past criminal record which included weapons and drug charges.

The District Attorney’s Office for Philadelphia is defending themselves by stating they did not take into consideration any recent incidents of Meek Mill.

The latest news regarding Meek Mill is when he had a hearing about getting out of prison early due to good behavior but it got denied after the judge gave new evidence from law enforcement who said that there were “lapses” in how long he has been behaving himself while incarcerated.

From these news articles, it is hard to determine what really happened and why he was sentenced.

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