Ludacris is an actor, rapper, and entrepreneur. Besides, he is the founder of the “Disturbing Tha Peace” record label.

Recently Ludacris had been in the news for a legal issue with Dallas Music Producers. So, the question is on everyone’s mind “Is Ludacris in Jail?”

Well, the answer is “No.” Ludacris is not in jail. Possibly there is being rumor spread on the internet that Ludacris might be going to jail because of the legal issue.

Is Ludacris in Jail
Ludacris/Image/Instagram: @ludacris

However, he is not going to jail. Because he is not charged with criminal cases. If you have heard that Ludacris is in jail, you should have been ignored the rumor. Currently, Ludacris is at home with his family.

What is the legal issue of Ludacris?

Ludacris has a legal issue. He is being claimed that he stole the business name of the Dallas Music Producers. That is why fans thought that Ludacris might be going to jail.

Not to worry. He is not going to jail. There had been a little problem between Ludacris and Dallas Music Producers. As a result, the rumor had been spread on the internet.

“Move Bitch” is a song released by Ludacris. The song has been considered his masterpiece.

Later, Ludacris had decided to use the name “Disturbing Tha Peace” as a trademark of his record label.

But according to Dallas Music Producers, Brown had been using the name since 1988 for his business purpose. They discovered that Ludacris had stolen the name.

So they filed a lawsuit against Ludacris in the United States District Court in Dallas.

The Dallas Music Producers wanted to the court that Ludacris should stop using the name immediately. Ludacris had been faced the legal issue for a long time.

Did Ludacris ever in jail?

No, the American actor Ludacris did not ever in jail. He did not charge with any criminal cases ever. But Ludacris has been seen in many photos on the internet talking with convicted criminals in jail.

By the way, that was just a drama scene. Ludacris was performing as a guest star in that drama.

It was the “Empire Season 2” drama series and Ludacris had been working with the series as officer McKnight.

In that series, Ludacris had seen to talk with criminals in jail. Possibly some people became confused after seeing Ludacris in jail. However, he has just done an act on the TV series.

On the other hand, Ludacris had some legal issues with Dallas Music Producers. But he was not arrested by the police. Anyway, as Ludacris had never broken the law so he did not ever in jail.

Where is Ludacris now?

At present Ludacris is a citizen of Gabon. It is an independent country on the west coast of Central Africa.

In 2020, the American famous actor Ludacris got citizenship. Not only Ludacris but also his mother also got citizenship.

Though Ludacris has gone to different countries for shooting. In his leisure time most of the time, he lives with his family in his home.

However, his mother and children have got citizenship of Gabon along with him.

Ludacris is an American citizen who was born in Champaign, Illinois in the United States on 11 September 1977. According to the report of CNN, rapper Ludacris embraces a new identity as an African.

Ludacris officially confirmed by his Instagram post that he has become the new citizen of Gabon.

In addition, Ludacris told that he was starting his new year with dual citizenship. His wife Eudoxie belongs to Gabon.

Ludacris became very happy after getting the citizenship of Gabon along with his family members. By the way, Ludacris lives with his family when he becomes free from his work.

Is Ludacris working with the new movie now?

Yes, Ludacris is working on a new movie now. The upcoming movie of Ludacris is “End of the Road.” The possible release year of the movie is 2022.

Already the trailer of the movie has been published on the internet. “End of the Road” is an American thriller and mystery movie. Millicent Shelton is the director of the movie.

Ludacris is one of the top casts of the movie. Edmonds Entertainment and Flavor Unit Entertainment are the production companies and Netflix is the official site of the movie.

Belen, New Mexico, and the United States are the filming locations. Ludacris is working on the “End of the Road” movie.

So, he has to attend those shooting spots now. I hope it is clear to all that Ludacris is not in jail now, he is busy with his new movie.

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