Lil Wayne and Jay Z are some of the most popular rappers in recent history. When you compare their rap styles, they seem to have a lot in common! They both use metaphors, sound bites from other songs, and tell stories about their lives. But does that mean Lil Wayne is related to Jay Z?

They both share the same profession and as a rapper, they are a close friend. It seems like these rappers might have more in common than you think. Both use metaphors, sound bites from other songs, and tell stories about their lives! They even share surnames, “Carter” for Lil Wayne; “Robinson” for Jay Z. 

Maybe if you consider all of this evidence carefully, then it would be no wonder why people commonly mistake them as cousins or brothers.

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How did Lil Wayne and Jay Z Meet?

Lil Wayne and Jay Z met because of their shared profession. People often mistake them as cousins or brothers but in fact, Lil Wayne is not related to Jay Z!

Because of their work, they are friends and that is how they met.

They both use metaphors to tell stories about their lives with sound bites from other songs in between verses. It was just fate that these two would ever meet because of their shared job description until they became (close) friends as well over time. 

This friendship started when the two had an interview together and Lil Wayne got a chance to speak about his love for Jay Z.

Lil Wayne revealed that he was so influenced by him when he first came out because of the lyrics in “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”. But now, they are just friends which are different from saying, family members.

He also said that their relationship began with music as well since they both have been into rap and hip hop ever since forever ago.

Jay Z told Lil Wayne how much he encouraged him after hearing one of his songs on the 106 & Park Rap City show back then, and this made them closer than before!

Did They Work Together?

Yes, they have worked together before.

Jay Z collaborated with Lil Wayne on a song called “Mr. Carter” and it was released as a single from the album Watch The Throne back in 2011. This made them closer than ever!

Lil Wayne also got to work with Jay Z because he was featured on the track “Da Graveyard”, which is also off of that same album Watch The Throne by Jay Z as well.

They both did their thing separately but this collaboration helped establish an even better connection between these two hip hop icons who are so influential in today’s music industry!

Isn’t it amazing how they could just work together from time to time when necessary? That makes them such good friends, too! Friendship has its benefits after all.

Lil Wayne Famous Work

I’m sure we can agree that his most famous music video would be Lollipop. Besides this, he also had a lot of popular songs that played on the radio.

The thing is, Lil Wayne’s most famous song would have to be Lollipop! This was his first single off his album Tha Carter III and it did well in America. It topped both Billboard charts for seven weeks straight.

Lollipop became so iconic because it was the perfect blend between hip hop and pop music. This song appealed to fans from all different genres including rap lovers who loved this more than any other rapper at that time!

Jay Z Famous Work

Jay-Z’s most famous song would have to be “Big Pimpin'”. This became iconic because it was one of the first singles off his album Vol. III… Life and Times of S. Carter in 1999. 

He also has a lot of popular songs that may not be as well-known but still managed to do well on the charts, like I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me) with R Kelly which reached number two on Billboard Hot 100 chart when it came out in 1997!

Who is more Popular?

There are a lot of people who think Lil Wayne is more popular than Jay Z but there are others that disagree. There’s no real answer to this question because it depends on what you’re looking for in music!

Lil Wayne has had the most number-one albums and singles on Billboard Hot 100 chart, with eight total as of right now. He also has six platinum records which means his album went triple-platinum!

This doesn’t mean he should be considered more famous though. So, I’m going to leave this opinion up to the reader.

Jay Z on other hand although not as successful as Lil Wayne when it comes to accolades like awards and Grammys.

Through social media account, Li Wayne has a larger fan base. On the other hand, Jay Z has a lot more followers on his Instagram account.

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