Lil Pump is one of the newest artists to hit the music scene and has been making waves with his hard-hitting beats that are perfect for parties. But is he still making music?

That’s what we’ll find out in this article, as we explore why Lil Pump is taking a break from performing live shows.

Lil Pump is still making music. He’s been out of the spotlight for some time. But it turns out that His last performance was in El Paso on February 16th and his next show isn’t confirmed so there has only been one lapse in live performances thus far.

However, this new hiatus may have an explanation as to why Lil Pump is taking some time off – he recently faced backlash over comments made about suicide.

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“Fuck committing suicide,” said the artist during an interview with Vlad TV.” I just don’t think you should do it because life gets better”.

However, many people took offense to these words and began criticizing him for spreading false hope about depression or mental illness when he was taking a break.

Lil Pump does have some truthLil Pump is one of many artists who have been accused of using mental illness as a gimmick or to promote their music.

It’s more subtle than that, though: he seems to be implying if you’re not depressed when you are famous then there is something wrong with you and it might soon get worse.

One person tweeted, “If I’m happy about anything right now it’s because my friends are alive and we don’t need fame for our bills.”

How the Rumor Spread?

People began to speculate on the status of Lil Pump after his Instagram account was deleted. After that, people speculated he quit music and is now focusing on fashion design or went back to making drugs like his father in Florida.

Some believe Lil Uzi Vert has replaced him as “the new face” of SoundCloud Rap and others think it’s just a phase that will go away soon enough.

In a recent interview, producer SmokePurrp said his fellow rapper is “cool” but he doesn’t know if Lil Pump is still making music.

Lil Pump / Image / Instagram: @ilpump

There are also rumors that he is working on a new EP called Youngest Flexer, which will be released soon. Lil Yachty believes the rumor started because Lil Pump has been absent from social media and is not releasing any songs for now.

Many believe it’s just an elaborate marketing stunt to build anticipation before coming back with something big shortly. People should not believe what they see or listen, they should justify the matter then believe.

Taking a break from regular life is not like quit from work. Lil Pump took a break to keep his work quality like before.

Musical Style

Every rapper has a unique style and for their style people loved them. Lil Pump is known for his unique style of rap.

He’s from Miami, Florida, and has a deep voice with fast rapping speed. This is why he is called the “Soulja boy”.

His first song was Gucci Gang which became popular in 2017 because it topped charts on iTunes. This was the beginning of his career. There are many more things to do in his career.

In an interview, Lil talked about his musical style.

“I just wanted to rap and I didn’t really care about any other style. So, my thing is that if you want me to do a song with like an R&B beat or something then I might as well be singing because it’s the same difference when we’re doing music.”

In his short career, he got popularity within a short time. He is known to have collaborated with many artists and also has his successful independent label.

As a rising star, he did really well in the music industry. The future for Lil Pump looks very bright!

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