Lil Dicky is one of the most popular rappers in America. He is also known for his acting skill and as a comedian. In this blog post, we will discuss whether or not Lil Dicky is married. 

Well, Lil Dicky is not married yet. He has a heartbroken experience with a relationship. Though he was in a relationship, now he is single. However, he tried hard to keep his personal life stay away from his professional life. 

Lil Dicky / Image / Instagram: @lildickygram

In 2016, he said in an interview, “I feel like I’ll be at the height of my life at 35. I think I’ll have just met the love of my life, which is like a huge deal. A lot of my satisfaction will come from that.”

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However, he wrote a song ”Molly”’. There is gossip that he wrote this song about his ex-girlfriend. 

In this song, he talked about the choice between career and love. Dicky revealed that the song is true but partially. There is confusion about the name of his ex-girlfriend. 

Lil Dicky Relationship

If you see his current relationship status, you will see Lil is single. In 2015, he was in a relationship. 

Because of his career, he is more serious about work. Frankly, His past relationship was not wide as other rappers. 

In his life, there is a serious relationship in 2015. After his breakup, he released a song about his love life. 

Dicky has to move to California, because of his career. That time his girlfriend is not ready to go with him. Probably this is the reason for his breakup. 

However, we saw him regretted in the song ”Molly” and raised a question about his decision to end the relationship. He was serious about his love life but fate did not allow it. 

In an interview, question, and answer episode, he said his decision about breakup was not hard for him. Because he wanted to be a famous rapper. 

So, he could not give importance to his relationship. His career is the first priority to him than anything. Moreover, there are no rumors about his dating. 

Lil always wanted to keep his personal life away from the media. As an actor, he acted in Dave as the main character. 

In Dave, he dated a teacher but broke up because of his career. This story is matched with his real-life relationship. 

Lil Famous Work

Lil did several great works in his career. In 2013, Lil released his video song Ex-boyfriend.

This song achieved much within 24 hours. The ex-boyfriend song was released on youtube and reached one million views within a short time. This was a massive success. 

Another song name is Molly which is created on his love life. This song belongs to his debut album ”Professional Rapper”. 

This music video is directed by Jamie Lees which was released on youtube in 2016. In 2021, this song reached above 65 million views.

Then, Lil made the most expensive project the “Pillow Talking” video song. People were excited to watch the music video because of its expenses. 

On the other hand, Lil worked with several famous artists. In the Earth song, he collaborated with Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Ariana Grande. 

As an Actor

As an actor, Lil earned people’s love and success. In 2020, Dicky and Jeff Schafer made a tv series. 

In the Dave tv series, Lil’s represents his rapper life’s struggle and sacrifice. His fan is happy to see him on tv. 

However, they eagerly waiting for his tv-series and got satisfied to see the series. The rapper Lil was happy to come on tv. 

Because of this tv-series popularity, the director decided to make season two, and that will be released soon. The story of this tv-series is realistic and matched with Lil’s life. 

So, people accept it as Dicky’s love life story and appreciated his acting skill. In this series, the director has shown us how the main character Dave chooses his career over his girlfriend. 

However, he chose to rap to be famous as a comedian and entered an acting career. At the beginning of his rapping career, he released every week a new song to recognize by people. 

He was really touched while shooting for Dave’s tv series. In an episode Aly said, she did not want a relationship where she came second. This scene was popular among his fans. 

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