Kevin Jerome Gilyard is professionally known as Kevin Gates. He is a well-known American rapper & singer. Besides he is also a successful entrepreneur in the United States.

Currently, there are a few questions are arising on the internet about Kevin Gates. Fans often asked on social media, is Kevin Gates still alive?

Alright, the answer to the question is “Yes.” It is comfortably saying that Kevin Gates is not dead, he is still alive and doing well in his daily life.  At the moment of writing this, the American rapper is 36 years old.

Kevin Gates/Source/Instagram

What happened with Kevin Gates?

A few months ago, Kevin Gates faced an accident. It was a car accident which was a bad incident for the American rapper. Kevin Gates faced a car accident in Tarzana, California around 8 p.m. local time.

That night, Kevin Gates was driving his Lamborghini in a road of Tarzana. Suddenly, his car was crushed by Toyota Prius very badly. A woman was the driver of the Toyota Prius.

The woman lost control of her Toyota Prius and hit the front side of Kevin’s Lamborghini. Fourtountly, Kevin Gates was not injured due to the accident.

The aftermath of the crash video was shared on social media by a bystander. In that video, Kevin was seen talking with the woman. Thus it was clear to us that Kevin Gates was not injured.

After a while, the police arrived there to investigate the matter. They both were not aware at the time of driving. The front part of Kevin’s car was badly destroyed.

Kevin Gates’ fan-followers were worried about the accident. Possibly for this reason they started talking about Kevin’s health condition. By the way, he was not injured but his car crashed in the accident.

Kevin Gates’ current health condition

The present health condition of Kevin Gates is much better than the previous year. He was shocked and nervous about the car accident which happened in Tarzana, United States.

Kevin Gates could not focus on his mixtape “Only the Generals Part 2” due to the accident. However, his mental and physical condition is better now and he is working on his new project.

The American rapper Kevin Gates is aware of his health. He always maintains a balanced diet and eats natural food. Kevin Gates decided to lose weight.

Kevin Gates was so far from his work during the COVID-19 pandemic. By the way, Kevin’s present health condition is well, and currently, he is spending his time in his house. Kevin Gates takes treatment from reputed American doctors if he feels sick. 

Early Life of Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the United States on 5th February 1986. Currently, he is passing his 36 birth year. His mother is a Puerto Rican and his father is an African American citizen.

Aquarius is the Zodiac sign of Kevin Gates. His mother is Martha Gates. The whole Kevin family were settled in Baton Rouge and later they relocated to Louisiana in the United States.

Kevin Gates’s childhood was not so interesting. Because he lost his father when he was just 14 years old. Kevin’s father died of AIDS. After the death of his father, his mother started earning for their family.

As a result, Kevin grew up with his grandmother. Brandon Gilyard is the brother of the American rapper. Talking about education, Kevin Gates studied at McKinley High School.

Later, he joined the Baton Rouge Community College located in Louisiana in the United States. Kevin Gates belongs of Moroccan & Puerto Rican descent. Now he is an American citizen. 

What is Kevin Gates doing now?

Kevin Gates is currently focusing on his musical career. He is working on his new project. On 12 January 2022, his new official music video Cartel Swag was released.

Recently, Kevin Gates shared a video vlog a few days ago. He was going on a trip to Jamaica. Kevin Gates has a luxurious house where he lived with his family. He has a house in Carolina, United States. 

The personal life of Kevin Gates

Dreka Haynes was the longtime girlfriend of Kevin Gates. In 2015, Kevin Gates married Dreka Hynes. Kevin’s wife is a manager and also the business partner of the music artist.

Kevin Gates is the father of two children. Islah Gates is the daughter and Khaza Gates is the son of the rap artist Kevin Gates. By the way, Kevin Gates is still alive & doing great. 

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