Is Juice Wrld alive? This is a question that has been on the minds of many over the past few months. The rapper’s Instagram account was deactivated and no one knew what happened to him.

He posted his last video in September 2018, and since then he hasn’t been seen or heard from. Fans are wondering if they will ever get new music from this talented artist again.

The answer is no. The rapper Juice Wrld is not alive. He died in 2019. The reason for his death is not clear. There has been speculation that he committed suicide. The medical board stated that the rapper died because of excess toxicity.

The rapper’s management team sent out a statement about his death on Twitter and cited the cause of death as “unconfirmed.”

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Still, many people are wondering if Juice Wrld is alive because they don’t have any idea what to believe anymore. They might not want to hear this news but it is time for those who still care about him to know that their favorite artist is dead.

In addition, with so much going on in America right now, some fans just need a happy distraction from all the bad things happening in the world today or something positive before continuing through life. Unfortunately, though, Juice will never be able to provide them with new music again which is especially heartbreaking.

How Juice’s fan reacts to his Death?

The first thing people noticed when they saw his death was how sudden and shocking it seemed without any warning signs beforehand of what would happen next.

A lot of people were wondering if he died because they don’t have any idea what to believe anymore while others started posting memes such as “I didn’t have time to prepare” and “saying goodbye is the hardest thing I’ll ever do.”

People’s reactions were all different as some people felt heartbroken, others just started crying while others still couldn’t believe what happened.

One person even said that they don’t want Juice Wrld to have died because of anything bad he may have done in his life but rather because he was too young and had so much more left for him to give us.

It’s really shocked to his fans to believe. Juice Wrld may never return, but his legacy is alive in our minds and hearts until we see him again!

Before his death, in an interview, he said that he wanted to change the world and make it a better place. It is sad to see him go but at least we know what his dream was for us!

Personal Life

In his personal life, he was growing up with his mother. From his early life, he was addicted to drugs. He was arrested at 18 years old for armed robbery and he is still in the process of getting out.

His life was not bad before his death. He was agreed to go rehabilitation for his good health.

Before his death, he used to live in Los Angels with his girlfriend Ally Lotti. They were starting date each other in 2018. 

Personally, Juice hated Donald Trump very much. He even said that he was going to take him down. In his interview with Green Label, Juice Wrld stated, “I’m going to be a fu*king problem.”

He had plans of opening up an orphanage when he got older but now we are not sure if it will happen.

What we know for certain is that the world has lost one more amazing soul! Rest in peace, Juice Wrld!

How was his Funeral?

The funeral was not as somber as one might expect. At his private funeral, his mother told, “He was a son, he was my everything. His father is gone and this is all I have.”

When his mother tried to speak about the death of her youngest she simply said “I don’t want him anymore” before breaking down in tears.

His grandmother also left a message at his funeral, “My Dear Grandson, you brought smiles, laughter, and love into lives,”

All her fans gave the last message to him, “We love you, Juice.” Rest in peace!!

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