Jason Derulo is a professional singer in America. When he was four years old, he decided to join the music industry to see Michael Jackson for the first time. There have been a ton of questions regarding Jason Derulo and his ethnicity. Among these questions ”Is Jason Derulo Haitian?” has gained special attention. Let’s discuss and find out his ethnicity. 

Well, the answer is yes. Jason was born to a Haitian family. His parents are Haitian and brought up Jason as Haitian. In 2020, Jason posted a video in which he was celebrating National Haitian Flag Day. He was also dancing with his country flag. So, it is proof that he is proud to be a Haitian. 

Jason Derulo / Image / Instagram: @jasonderulo

Though he grew up in Miami, he is Haitian. In his childhood, he did not learn to speak English, speak in Creole. Still, he mostly used the Creole language with his family. 

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However, Jason did not shy to represent his country. Though he came from the world’s poorest country, he wears the flag and says that proudly. As a Haitian, he shot his one music video to show its beauty and culture to the world. 

Through this music video, he was able to show the cultural difference in his country. The song ”Colours” was performed at the world cup 2018 opening ceremony. All over the world has been shown his country’s culture and beauty.

Image / Instagram: @jasonderulo

Jason Derulo’s Life in Miami

Jason grew up in Miami and spent most of the time there. In his childhood, he did not get enough opportunities to focus on his dream. His parents worked hard to cope with the situation. 

However, he did two jobs and went to law school at the same time. Then return from work, she also cooked dinner for them. That was very inspiring for Jason. 

His cousin and family member all work together. That keeps him more close to his root. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he used his time at home. Since his childhood, he did not get enough time to stay at home. 

So, he used his time and spent at large 60 days at home. That was the best time for him. Last year, he traveled much, and during the lockdown, he used his time for himself. 

As an Actor

Jason was acting in Samuel L Jackson’s movie. He was working in this movie before lockdown started. However, he loves acting, and from this perspective, he wanted to interpret the film industry. 

Moreover, in the acting industry, he enjoyed his work and wants to do more. Love for acting increased day by day because of the film. He also wants to debut in the television industry. 

In his house, there is a wall full of paintings. Jason customized his wall of people who inspired him. The most important person is Michael Jackson. When he saw Michael Jackson for the first time, he wanted to be an entertainer. 

Then on that wall, there are David Bowie, Barack Obama, Madonna, David Bowie, Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley, Prince, Beyoncé. Somehow, he has met all of them, and Smith is the one who took him under his wings. 

How did Jason Inspire to be a Musician?

In his childhood, Jason went to Michael Jackson’s concert with his mother. When he saw Michael for the first time, he was amazed and told her mother he wanted to be like him. His mother replied, okay baby that time he was only four years old. 

Derulo told in an interview that he loved the way, how Michael Jackson connected with the crowd and people touched by his song. Jackson is the reason and inspiration for his music career. 

Today what he achieves and what he is all because of the inspirations. The inspiration helps him to be a successful musician. As a singer, he did several great works. 

People love him as a dancer and songwriter also. As a songwriter, he wrote many lyrics which got popular. Many songs took position on the billboard charts. 

Before debuting as a musician, he used to write lyrics for famous singers. Then somehow get a chance to prove himself as a singer. Because of his talent and hard work, he got successful. 

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