Gucci Mane is one of the most popular rappers in the world. His music has been played by millions and he is a household name for many people. However, that all changed when he was sentenced to prison in 2014. As time goes on, more and more conspiracy theories arise about his life behind bars: is Gucci Mane alive?

The answer is yes. Gucci Mane is still alive and doing well. His last album was released in 2019 named The Return of East Atlanta Santa. After this album, he is not active in the music industry. That’s why a rumor spread about his death.

The rumors started with a fake Gucci Mane Twitter account that tweeted and then deleted, “R.I.P to my good friend Gucci”.

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The tweet was made in December 2018, which is before the release of his last album, and when he said he would be retiring from music after this year’s Christmas season.

Many people believe these tweets were an inside job because there is proof it came from someone who has access to Gucci Mane’s personal information but cannot confirm if they are him or not.

In an interview, Gucci’s manager talked about his death: “He is alive and well, but he’s retired. He has a lot of things going on offline that we can’t speak on.”

How was Gucci’s reaction to this Rumor?

At first, Gucci thinks it is a joke, but the tweet was deleted and he did not get any response back from this.

Gucci took to Twitter himself once again in January of 2019 with “I’m alive” as his only words on the post. The post had over 75K Retweets and 180K Likes in less than 24 hours after posting so many people were relieved that Gucci is okay.

His fan’s reactions were different and they were shocked and happy to hear he is alive.

Gucci’s Twitter followers helped spread the message even more and some of them were also relieved by this news.

However, his fans were happy to listen to the news. They showed their support for Gucci and how much they love him.

We all know that Twitter is not the best place to find news about what is going on in life, but people were happy with his reaction to being alive through this whole process.

This case was a strange one as he never got any response back from the person who spread information around on social media and it turns out that there is no true evidence of it’s real or fake.

Gucci’s Early Life

Radric Delantic Davis is known as Gucci Mane. He was born in Birmingham Alabama on the morning of February 12th, 1980. 

Gucci Mane comes from a family that is full of musicians so he was exposed to music at an early age and it became his love for life as well. 

He also admired rappers like Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick when he was growing up, two big influences in rap history who were not afraid to express themselves through their lyrics.

At the age of 18, Gucci Mane started his own group called “Da Connect”. A year later he was discovered by one of Atlanta’s hottest producers named Mr. DJ and in 2002 they released a CD with songs like “Carz” and “Papers.”

In 2004, he made two solo albums entitled Trap House and Hard to Kill which went gold in 2005. He has also been featured on many other rappers’ singles as well as making verses for them too.

Around 2006, when things began to take off for him because that is when he signed with TVT Records who had become famous back then because it is home to popular artists such as Lil Jon, Pitbull.


Every celeb faced severe controversies. Gucci also faced some. In 2005, he released a song called “Trap Talk” which included the lyrics, “Fuck a record deal. Gucci’s rich.”

Gucci also said in an interview with MTV News that he had been kicked out of school for selling drugs and that his first arrest was when he was 11 years old. He got into fights often and would even carry weapons such as knives or handguns to protect himself from other gang members.

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