Drake is a very popular rapper who has had many hit records. He is often seen in the media with another famous DJ, Dj Khaled. Fans have been wondering if they are related because of their shared last name. There is an interesting story behind it all! Let’s find out what it is…

Dj Khaled is not actually related to Drake. The name is a coincidence, and they are just friends in the industry. They share an interest in music – that’s how their relationship began!

At first, some fans were suspicious because of their shared last name. Others wondered if Dj Khaled was his father or even grandpa! But no need to worry because we now know it’s all coincidental.

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In fact, “Khaled” is an Arabic word meaning “the one who praises.” A lot of Arab people have this surname. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you see other famous DJ’s with this same last name.

In an interview, Khaled asked about his relation with Darke, and he said “Just because we have the same last name doesn’t mean I’m related to him.”

How Did they Meet Together?

Khaled and Darke working in the same music industry. They met together at a party.

Drake is the son of Dennis Graham, and Khaled is not related to him. He just has the same last name because he’s Arab too.

In an interview, Khaled told about their first meeting. They were friendly from their first meeting.

Darke is not Khaled’s son. He said, “I’m not his daddy.” However, Drake was very polite and grateful during their first meeting.

Khaled tried to talk with Darke in Arabic, but he failed because Drake cannot speak the language fluently yet.

The two of them met for a second time at DJ Khaled’s birthday party in 2017. They were both friendly and respectful towards each other again this time around too.”

Dj Khaled’s Famous Work

Dj Khaled is famous for his several works. He is an award-winning DJ, producer, and record executive. He has won three Grammy Awards for his songs featuring Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and more artists.

Moreover, he is also the president of We The Best Music Group, which includes WTT Records LLC. Khaled got this position in 2005 by signing Ace Hood to the label on September 12th of that same year.”

Drake’s Famous Work

Drake is known worldwide as a rapper and singer from Toronto who had achieved huge success since he joined up with Young Money Entertainment back in 2009.

His most notable work includes being featured artist on Kanye West’s single “All Day” and singing lead vocals for Jay-Z’s song “Pound Cake”. Drake is also one of the most viewed artists on YouTube.

In 2016, he released two new albums: “Views” and “More Life”. The album “Views” is one of Drake’s more successful works in the past decade.

It also became his third solo number-one record following the 2011 release Take Care and the 2015 project What a Time to Be Alive with Future.

This is just another great example of why it should be considered that Dj Khaled might be related to Drake.”

Who is more Famous?

On social media, both are earned a huge number of followers. Many people have strong opinions on which one is more famous or popular.

However, in terms of popularity when it comes to music Dj Khaled might be slightly ahead of Drake.

Drake’s most successful album was Views and has been charted as the third best-selling digital album worldwide with over two million copies sold globally as well as being streamed 160 billion times online.

Meanwhile, DJ Khaled released his latest single “Wild Thoughts” featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller that were ranked number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for eight consecutive weeks.”

However, they both make great music and are both very successful in their own right.

“Although Dj Khaled is slightly more famous than Drake on social media when it comes to popularity with fans who enjoy listening to music, there is no clear winner.”

“Dj Khaled maybe a little ahead of Drake in terms of popularity for making good songs that people love hearing but overall these two artists are equally as talented.”

“Both artists are extremely popular and contribute something meaningful to the world by producing excellent tunes that listeners find enjoyable or relatable.”

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