DaBaby is a young rapper from Philadelphia. He founded Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment in 2017, and it has been his main focus ever since. The question of whether he’s an entrepreneur or not has come up quite often on social media lately, so I wanted to take the time to answer this question once and for all.

Is DaBaby an entrepreneur? Yes. An entrepreneur is someone who starts a new business or operates and manages their own company. While most people think of entrepreneurs as having to have capital in order to start a company, this isn’t always the case.


DaBaby has been successful so far with his music career but now wants more out of life – when did you know it was time to go beyond your comfort zone?

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When I realized my potential outside of rap and had other ideas come into play, like starting Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment (BDE). Now I’m living well off my passion because I took one risk and followed.

How Dababy founded Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment?

In 2017, DaBaby founded Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. He created the company to release his debut album “A Lot Going On” and signed a distribution deal with Empire Records in March 2018 for $200k.

The second-generation entrepreneur is now gearing up for BDE’s first major project as he prepares to launch an app later this year.

The goal of the new app? To reconnect artists like him who are looking to go further than their comfort zone yet lack resources such as money or connections.

They’ll be able to create content – music videos, songs, etc via Dababy’s technology and industry contacts without any upfront cost at all. In return, they will have access to mentorship from top-level executives that include Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and Kevin Liles among others.

Is Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment successful for DaBaby?

DaBaby has already tapped into a $200k distribution deal with Empire Records for his debut album A Lot Going On in March 2018 which includes features from 50 Cent, Quavo, Young Thug. So It’s quite a good start for him.

In conclusion, while he has only been around for less than a few years and Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment is still in its early stages, there are already indications that this could be his ticket to success as an entrepreneur. It’s worth watching closely with interest if you’re into rappers or startups and want to see how it turns out so far. Stay tuned!

DaBaby may not have started off like other entrepreneurs but we’ll just need to continue following what happens with the app to decide whether or not he can succeed as one too. We never know until they try right?! 😉

Dababy Future projects as an entrepreneur

Whether or not DaBaby can be successful as an entrepreneur is still unknown. But he’s certainly off to a good start so far with Drake, Quavo and Young Thug collaborating on his app. It will be interesting to see how this turns out in the future!

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