If you have an interest in rap songs, hope you hear the name Blueface. He is an American well-known rapper. Besides, Blueface is also a music artist.  Blueface is best known for his famous song Bussdown.

People are searching on the internet to know about Blueface’s aliveness. A lot of questions have been arising about Blueface’s personal life. Let’s find out and discuss the answer to “Is Blueface Still Alive?”

Well, the answer to the question is “Yes.” The rapper Blueface is not dead, he is still alive and doing his job as a rapper perfectly. Currently, Blueface is passing his 25 birth year. 


Did anything happen with Blueface?

As of writing, nothing serious incidents happened with Blueface. Currently, the rapper is physically fit.

Blueface’s death news spread on the internet a few months ago. It was just wrong information. Some unknown websites or social media pages shared the fake news that Blueface is not alive, he got shot.

On that information, it was said that Blueface was shot by rival gang members and he was lying on the floor of his apartment. It was a piece of wrong information.

Later, another news spread that Blueface was found unresponsive in his own home. He was a suspected opioid overdose which was harmful to his health. It was also a piece of fake news.

Possibly for this reason the question about Blueface’s aliveness is arising on the internet. They are wanting to know the right information.

Celebrities are often the victims of a death hoax. It is a common problem now. Fake information or rumor are used to spread on the internet to increase page views and business strategy.

However, the death news of Blueface was a rumor. Blueface is still alive and passing his life normally.

Blueface’s and others reaction to the rumor

Fake information or rumors about celebrities are spread quicker on social media & the internet. People became confused when they noticed the death news of Blueface.

Several fans and supporters of Blueface expressed their anger for that incident after noticing the false news. On the other hand, his fans also expressed sorrow for the death hoax of Blueface.

Rumors are very shocking for anyone. On the other hand, a death hoax is very sorrowful for a famous person. Celebrities have to face lots of problems due to the death hoax.

Blueface is also a victim of a death hoax like other celebrities. Anyway, it was officially confirmed that Blueface is alive. We should never believe shocking news about a celebrity without justifying the information. 

Is Blueface suffering from a deadly disease?

No, Blueface has no deadly disease which led to his death.

Sometimes Blueface suffers from a minor disease like fever, cough, headache, etc. Later, the rapper recovers his disease by taking treatment from American reputed doctors.

Blueface is very aware of his sound health like the other men. Because he has to stay physically fit to continue his work. 

Did Blueface injure in an accident?

The answer is yes, Blueface was injured in an accident. It was a car accident.

The car accident occurred in 2018. Blueface had been a little bit injured in the accident. It was said that Blueface was broken his ankle. The rapper was taking treatment from the doctors.

It was a bad incident for Blueface. Three years have passed since the accident occurred. Now Blueface is physically better likewise mentally strong.

Is Blueface COVID-19 positive?

No, Blueface is not COVID-19 positive now. The rapper was so far from his music career during the pandemic situation.

Blueface was seen in an interview on The Cruz Show in 2020. He was wearing a mask during the interview. Possibly Blueface took the vaccine to protect himself from the Corona Virus.

Anyway, Blueface is not attacked by the Corona Virus. Currently, the rapper can properly be focusing on his music career.

The early life and background of Blueface

Blueface is also known as Johnathan Jamall Porter. He was born in Los Angeles, the largest city of California in the United States on 20 January 1997. According to 2022, Blueface is 25 years old.

An American citizen Saffold is the mother of Blueface. He was settled with his father in Oakland. Blueface grew up in an area of Los Angeles with his parents.

Talking about education, Blueface studied at multiple elementary schools due to his family. He was studied at Arleta High School located in Los Angeles, United States.

Blueface is currently living in his hometown. By the way, the American rapper Blueface is still alive and passing his life happily.

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