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Is Birdman Related to Lil Wayne?

On social media, many people are wondering that Birdman is related to Lil Wayne. They also guess that they are father and son. Let’s discuss and find out, is Birdman related to Lil Wayne?

The answer is no. Birdman and Lil Wayne does not have any biological relation. That is a misconception because Birdman took him under his wings and helped to be a professional rapper. That does not mean they are related. 

Is Birdman Related to Lil Wayne
Birdman / Image / Instagram

There is another rumor on social media that Birdman and Lil Wayne are father and son. This rumor started when Birdman treated him specially. 

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In an interview, Birdman asked about his relation to Wayne. He replied that their relationship is pure, and he still considers Wayne as his son. 

“Wayne is forever my son. I think that what’s going on is just some business,” he said. “He’s my son and I love him to death. What’s going on now I don’t know how it’s going to turn out”.

After this speech to the media, everyone believed that Wayne his son. Cause Birdman sees him as his son. However, they worked together and did several great works together. 

How did Birdman and Lil Wayne Meet Together?

Birdman and Lil Wayne have a long story, and they met together when Lil was eight years old in 1991. 

However, Birdman is not only a rapper but also a record executive. He decided to take Lil under his wings at the first meeting. 

Lil Wayne was roaming around the Cash Money office and did his practics. He used to spend time increasing his ability. 

So, when Lil reached the age of 12, he signed a contract with Lil. Signing a contract with Cash Money Records, Wayne started his career as a rapper. 

However, Wayne met with Birdman was a blessing for him. Lil’s stepfather was killed and this brought him closer to Birdman. From that time, Birdman playing the role of a father. 

Under Cash Money Records, Wayne released his first solo album ”The Block is Hot” in 1999. It was a quick video for anyone wondering how Lil signed with a record label at a young age. 

Birdman Famous Work

Birdman is known as a rapper, music maker, and co-founder of Cash Money Record. In his career, he did several great works. 

One of the most famous tracks is Stunnaman. Lil Wayne and Roddy Ricch were co-operated in this song. This song got much appreciation and love from people. 

Another legendary work is Stuntin’ Like My Daddy- Street. This is the first song of Birdman and Li Wayne’s album ”Like Father, Like Son”. It peaked at 21 in the top Billboard Hot 100. 

Moreover, another successful album was ”Priceless”. It was his fourth studio album which was listed on Billboard 200 chart. Within a week, this album sold more than 34,000 copies. 

After the Priceless album’s huge success, Birdman decided to release a sequel. But finally changed the title ”Bigga Than Life”. This album also got successful.    

Lil Wayne Famous Work

Lil started his career as a rapper at an early age. At the age of eight, he wrote his first rap song. The same year, he met with rapper and music maker Birdman. 

Then his journey in the music industry started. His first solo album was The Block is Hot, which was number 3 at the Billboard 200. 

For this album, he got a nomination from Source magazine for the Best New Artist. It was a big achievement. 

Moreover, the album “Tha Carter III” has a single called Lollipop which is achieved much and broke records. This song really a blessing for Li Wayne. 

In his career, Lil did some great work and earned fame with his talent. It’s not like, his all album get success some of them can not get appreciation from people and critics. 

Who is More Popular?

Both artists are famous for their position. But according to social media fame, Lil Wayne is more popular than Birdman. 

On Instagram, Lil Wayne has a verified account including 13.6 million followers. On the other hand, Birdman has above 4.2 million followers. 

People loved to follow them to know their work updates and personal life. Rappers like Birdman did not pay attention to social media. 

However, he has to manage his other business and also pays attention to music. So, he seldom active on social media. 

Nowadays social media is a platform for any kind of promotion. So, celeb used social media as their song promotions and connected with fans.