Bad Bunny is one of the most popular Latin trap artists in the world. He is best known for his viral music videos that have gone viral on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Recently, he was seen at a party with Selena Gomez where fans speculated if they were dating or not. There has been no confirmation yet about whether or not Bad Bunny is married to anyone – but we are certainly hoping it’s true!

Bunny is not married yet. He is dating Gabriela Berlingeri. They both met in 2017 and started their relationship. Bad Bunny also committed to his girlfriend. But on social media, a rumor spread about his marriage. 

The rumor is that Bad Bunny is married to Selena Gomez. They were seen together at a party and many people speculated if they are dating or not.

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He currently dates Gabriela Berlingeri and their relationship started there as well. The two of them seem happy with each other so far. Hopefully, soon enough, the rumors will be confirmed by Bad Bunny himself on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

Bunny relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri

Bad Bunny is doing well in his personal life and professional life also.. His girlfriend is Gabriela Berlingeri and the two of them are doing well together.

We did not get any news about their marriage date. They don’t have any plan for their wedding as of now according to the sources.

Gabriela Berlingeri is a famous model from Puerto Rico. She was doing well in his professional signal life.

She is very beautiful and she is also a successful model in the fashion industry.

Gabriela Berlingeri has been dating Bad Bunny since 2016 October, but they met each other before that at the music festival “HARD SUMMER” in Los Angeles, California. That time, he was performing as an opening act for DJ Snake.

Bunny is serious about his girlfriend so he is not looking for any other woman. She says that she is in love with her boyfriend and they are very happy together.

They have collaborated on many songs like “Te Bote” or “Tú Sabes”. They have worked well together on stage as well as in the songs and they are enjoying their relationship with each other.

In January of this year, he posted a picture on his Instagram account wearing an engagement ring while in bed next to Berlingeri holding her hand.

Gabriela has been living in New York City where she studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she graduated last October and today she is working as a model on both coasts: Los Angeles and Miami Beach It is hard work but we all love it!

Bunny’s Personal Life

Bunny revealed that he likes calm and carefree life.

“I’ve had so many relationships,” Bad Bunny said to Rolling Stone magazine last November.”I just want what every guy wants: someone who’s sweet and loving someone I can build something beautiful from scratch with.”

His personal life was so smooth and his relationships last a long time. In the interview with Rolling Stone, he also revealed how appreciative and happy he is to have his family by his side which is also another important part of this artist’s life.

“I’m really grateful for my dad who helped me out so much, even though it was just him doing construction work,” Bad Bunny told them.

“I don’t know why I never saw that before—the support from other people in your family can make you feel like nothing else matters as much.”

The rapper said about his father: “My dad is one of those people who doesn’t say anything but does a lot. He taught me to do things myself rather than wait for help when I needed something done around the house

In 2020, September, Bunny was tested covid-19 positive which is conform from his manager. He also revealed some signs of the Corona Virus.

Hearing about it, Bunny’s fans showed their support on social media while also sending gifts to him at home.

One fan said: “I want Bad Bunny to know I love him no matter what.” Another said: “You’re not alone!”

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