This article discusses the idea of whether or not Action Bronson is Albanian. As we all know, he was born in Flushing Queens New York to an Albanian father and a Jewish mother. Is Action Bronson Albanian?

In the song “Baby Blue,” he says, “I’m Albanian.” Action Bronson is by heritage Albanian. He has mentioned his heritage on the music TV show Rap City when he stated that “Albanians are some of the proudest people in the world.” He also mentions being bilingual and how it makes him feel more honest with himself because he understands both cultures.

He also has a tattoo on his stomach that reads “Albanian Gangster”. So, we can easily understand that he belongs to Albanians.

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Bronson’s Life in Albanian

Though Action Bronson is Albanian, he does not speak the language. But there are still some pieces of his life that can be traced back to Albania.

Growing up in Queens, Action Bronson ate traditional Eastern European dishes like cevapi or burek with family members. They migrated from territories including Albania during communist rule.

In the song “Tooken In” Action Bronson sings in an Albanian dialect about how he’s taken into a new life with charmed girls and food.

Though these references are not concrete evidence of what country from which his father hailed, it does show some appreciation for Albania as well as familiarity with its language or culture.

Even though Action Bronson is by heritage Albanian, he doesn’t speak the language. So, there isn’t much to say about his artistic abilities when it comes to interpreting the lyrics beyond what Google Translate can do.

Did Action Bronson follow Albanian Culture?

Action Bronson is a rapper who was born in Queens, New York. He grew up with other Albanian and Greek families, but his mother’s family were Italian-Americans from Brooklyn.

That being said, he has never mentioned anything about following Albanian culture on any of the records or interviews that I have seen so far. Though it isn’t uncommon for people to adopt their partner’s heritage once they’re married.

“I’m not really doing much Albanian culture but tried to follow some Greek stuff,” he said. “It’s all about the Italians, man,” says Bronson in an interview with Noisey TV back in 2015.

Bronson also expressed his love for Italian food on this Noisey TV interview and I’ve noticed that he’s cooked Italian food on a couple of his videos.

Bronson doesn’t seem to have any strong connections with Albanian culture. Besides the fact that he is very close friends with Albanian-American Mike Shouhed from Bravo TV’s Shahs of Sunset. But even then there has been no mention of him following Albanian culture.

This leads me to believe that he might be Italian American/Albanian as well – which would make sense considering Albania was under Italian rule.

Bronson loves Albanian Food

Action Bronson loves Albanian food. The rapper, chef, and television personality posted a photo on Instagram of an Albanian dish. He had cooked up in his kitchen-a traditional meatball soup called çupë. “I made this for my family,” the caption reads. “It was delicious.”

Albania is not one of the countries Action Bronson has visited yet but it’s still possible that at some point during his early childhood. When Albania was under communist rule, he might have eaten their cuisine with relatives or friends who are from there.

Even, he visiting other Eastern European nations like Yugoslavia or Bulgaria where many people can trace their heritage back to Albania without having ever been there themselves.

It seems that if he used to visit Albania, Bronson would have a lifelong love of the cuisine. He could identify recipes rooted in Albanian.

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