50 Cent is a rapper and songwriter that has been in the music industry for over 20 years. He is also an actor, producer, and businessman. There is a question that has been on many people’s minds for years. Is 50 Cent really a boxer? The answer to this question may surprise you!

The answer is yes! It’s not uncommon to find a celebrity taking interest in boxing. This rapper 50 Cent was really interested in boxing. That’s why at the age of 11, he began boxing competitively.

He had a tough childhood and often found solace in the boxing ring. He was so good at it that he won his first amateur fight when he was just 12, making him the youngest person to ever win an Olympic medal for Boxing!

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His neighbor opened a boxing gym for local children when he was 14. 50 Cent joined the program and won over 100 amateur bouts, including many Golden Gloves competitions. He also competed in the Junior Olympics as an amateur at age 15.

He was so good that when his mother found drugs in his bedroom, he tried to trade them with a drug dealer for boxing equipment!

This rapper 50 Cent used to post his boxing video on social media to prove that he was still in shape.

Besides, 50 Cent is a great boxer who knows how to maintain his fitness by eating well and exercising regularly. His boxing skills are unmatched!

50 Cent Boxing Career

“I couldn’t understand why I would be so good at boxing,” says 50 cent who won many Golden Gloves competitions before turning pro.

“I thought, ‘Maybe God gave me a gift.'” And we all know how well you can do when you’re blessed by the Almighty.

I only have a basic knowledge of boxing, but the man’s business investments over the years are likely why he retired from music. He was ready to leave his music career to deal with boxing.

50 Cent is also a boxing manager, promoter, and trainer. He has taken on a new career as a boxing promoter.

50 Cent is a promoter of professional boxing matches including Shawn Porter vs Andre Berto in September 2014.

The rapper, who’s been recording music since he was a teenager in the 1990s. Also built his fortune as an entrepreneur over the past decade with interests from clothing lines to boxing promotions.

50 Cent says that he can’t wait for retirement. “I don’t want to be famous no more,” 50 Cent declared onstage at this week’s Billboard Awards event.

“It seems like being wealthy is much better because you settled all your obligations.”

He is the founder and CEO of two companies, G-Unit Records and SMS Promotions. He has also been an actor in motion pictures such as Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

In 2009 he made Forbes list of Hip Hop Cash Kings with earnings estimated at $17 million for 2008 alone.

With all this money coming from managing fighters like Floyd Mayweather Jr. It’s not surprising that 50cent retired from rapping so that he could focus on getting rich off boxing instead of music.

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