Hawaii.  A land of wonder, beauty, and rich history that revolves around family and the development of community. There’s truly no other place like it in this world and there never will be again.  

With that being said, Hawaii offers multiple opportunities for health and wellness thanks to the blossoming islands, multiple climates, and lifestyle changes that come with living in such a beautiful location.

What Determines Health

Something that you have to determine first and foremost is what is going to determine health for yourself? 

Is it mental, physical, spiritual or something else entirely? 

Most doctors are going to recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity at least three times per week; and that’s the minimum! Being healthy physically can also mean that you need to take control of pain levels by using multiple resources that the state and medical practitioners provide.

If you are looking more for mental health, then identifying that can be a bit more tentative.  Generally speaking, mental health and being healthy in that area revolves around balance, grounding yourself and finding ways to maintain a positive level of sanity.

Finally, spiritual health can also mean a multitude of things but it generally means having some sort of spiritual balance between yourself and a source of some kind. It is up to you to determine your source but balance will still be the guide on this.  

Physical Health

When it comes to staying physically healthy in Hawaii, you don’t need to go looking very far.  From the multitudes of walking areas, trails, and sports there’s an option for everyone on every island.  Take a look at the main island where there are plenty of beach fronts for surfing. 

How about taking hikes up several of the mountains that are along the islands? No matter where you go, there is always something physical to do.  

Depending on where you live, there are also options to walk to get what you need which is another great way to make sure that you are staying as active as possible which is connected to better health.  

Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, you are in one of the greatest areas to help balance yourself.  From healthy foods packed full of nutrients needed for a healthy mind, such as fats from locally caught fish, to places of grounding all over the island, there’s much to explore for mental health.

To stay mentally healthy while in Hawaii, it is also important to remember that there are major price adjustments as the islands have to import food and goods regularly.  I say this because it can be a big shock to go from mainland prices to island prices if you have never had to deal with that change before.

Once you are through that shock though, buy what you need to live and then take the time to go outside into the great outdoors.  Going outside, despite the humidity of the area, means that you are getting vitamin D and the more you walk barefoot, the more grounded you will be.

Another aid to mental health is utilizing programs provided by doctors and psychology experts who can assist with additional ideas.  They are also able to help you process what is going on in the area and in your personal life.  If you can’t find someone or something to fit your schedule, don’t forget to try online options!

Spiritual Health

Believe it or not, Hawaii is a very spiritual place to go.  Culturally speaking, they are grounded in the connection between earth and mankind and the balance that that brings.  It is paramount to them that the family remain the center and that the spirit remains connected to the earth.

If you are someone who prefers a location rather than being outside, there are several temples that can be visited on multiple islands.  There is a distinct buddhist influence as well as some hinduism.  

Due to the fusion of Hawaiian and Japanese cultures, there are several Asian influenced types of temples that are open to the public.  There are also several locations that are closed off to the public as well.  

Many of the locations are steeped in history and can be very beneficial not just to spiritual health but also to physical health and mental health.


Whether or not you are visiting Hawaii or live there, there are many ways to remain connected to the earth and to bolster yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Staying healthy while in Hawaii revolves greatly around staying outside and getting as much sun as possible while still staying covered in sunscreen.

The spiritual wonder of Hawaii makes it a fantastic location for spiritual growth and development unlike any other place in the world.  It isn’t hard to find a temple to pray or sacred ground to honor and connect with.

No matter what route of health you are trying to maintain or get started in, Hawaii has the options you need to stay healthy, get healthy, and live healthy.

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