Nas is known for the three professions at the same time. As an American rapper, he is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time. Anyway, his fan followers are interested in his personal life. Let’s find out ”How did Nas meet Kelis?”

Nas met Kelis at a party for the first time. That was an MTV music party hosted by Sean’ Diddy’ Combs. Moreover, Kelis is a member of the hip-hop industry. According to Kelis opinion, Nas was shy at the first meet. After their conversion and exchanging several jokes, he felt comfortable with Kelis.  

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Kelis told their first met conversion to the Vibe Magazine, “Everyone moves out of the way, and Nas stands up, and I put my hand out, and I’m like, Hey, I’m Kelis,”

“And he goes, ‘Who?’… So I’m crawling into a f**king hole, and he’s like, ‘Wait-huh? What’s your name? And I’m like, Kelis, and he’s like, ‘Oh, well that’s great because I’ve been waiting to make you my wife all these years.’”

After two years of dating, they got engaged in 2004. Then finally Nas got married to Kelis in 2005 in Atlanta. In this ceremony, there were 175 guests. 

Because of Kelis’s wedding dress, there was a lot of criticism on social media. Anyway, they did not pay attention to the rumor. 

How was Nas Relationship with Kelis

At the starting of their marriage, they seem to be the best couple. But after three years, something unpleasant happened. In their marriage life, Kelis was abused by her husband Nas. 

Kelis called their relationship ”toxic” in an interview. Nas was drunk too much and that’s the reason for their fight. After drinking, he has no balance of what he said or does. 

After these incidents and violence, Kelis decided to call off the relationship. Finally, in 2009, he filed for divorce from Nas. At that time, Kelis was seven months pregnant. 

Kelis did not want to reveal their family violence. But in an interview, she explained the reason behind her divorce. After her statement, Nas did not agree with her statement. Above all, their relationship was not working well. 

After Kelis’s confession, Nas spoke out about their relationship. He did not hurt Kelis physically and Kelis was also responsible for breaking the relationship. 

In 2009, Kelis gave birth to his first son Knight. Though Kelis did not agree to announce their child’s news. But Nas announced through a video online. After a year, they got a divorce officially.

What Does Kelis Do?

Kelis is an American singer and songwriter who works with Nas in the same industry. As a famous singer, she has a lot of achievements. On her social media account, her followers are increasing day by day. 

Recently she crossed 900k followers on Instagram. Because of his hard work, she achieves a position in the hip-hop industry. In her career, she sold six million records. It was a huge achievement for her. 

Before entering the rapping profession, she used to do different kinds of jobs. In her music career, she first worked as a backup vocal slot. Then started to work with producer The Neptunes and Pharrell Williams. 

However, Kelis ten single reached the top ten in the United Kingdom. Because of his great work, she was awarded several times. 

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