Soft, touchable curls are the epitome of feminine beauty. There’s just something so romantic and whimsical about cascading waves and ringlets. However, constantly exposing hair to high heat to achieve curl can cause damage over time. Enter the magic of sock curls for heatless styling. This technique produces stunning, voluminous curls using only socks and hair ties. No curling iron or hot rollers are required!

Sock curls are one of the hottest viral hair trends on social media right now. People are loving the bouncy, carefree curls achieved by wrapping hair in socks overnight or while lounging at home. Not only does this method prevent heat damage, but it also stretches out the time between washes by allowing you to preserve styled locks for multiple days. Ready to master sock curls for yourself? Follow these simple steps on how to do sock curls:

Prep Your Hair the Night Before 

The night before you want to rock gorgeous sock curls achieved by this no-heat method, start by shampooing and conditioning your hair as usual. When hair is squeaky clean, it doesn’t grip the socks well. For ideal hold, do this styling method on second or third day hair.

Towel dry your hair until it is no longer dripping wet but still damp. You can then apply any leave-in conditioner or styling product you like to help enhance waves, such as a curl cream or mousse. The key is not to use too much product or over-saturate the hair. You just want a touch of conditioning and hold.

Section Out Your Strands

Part your hair as desired and then divide your damp locks into manageable horizontal sections. Working in sections will ensure even curl formation. Take your time with this step to get clean parts – it makes a difference in the final result of your sock curls.

Cut Your Socks to Size

Grab a pack of clean, preferably smooth cotton socks. Cut the toe portion off of each sock so that you’re left with a tubular leg portion. The leg of the sock will wrap around a hair section to set the curl.

Wrap Your Hair Around Two Fingers 

Take one sock tube and one hair section. Wrap the hair tightly around two fingers to form a spiral curl shape. Focus on smoothing the hair around in a uniform curl rather than twisting. 

Slide Sock Over Hair and Tie

Gently slide your two fingers out of the hair spiral’s center. Immediately place the sock over the curl spiral, wrapping it around the hair to hold the curled shape. 

Make sure you smooth the sock as you wrap so there are no bumps. Wrap it all the way down the hair section, then tie a small hair tie or band at the very end to secure.

Twist Up Towards Scalp

After securing with one tie at the bottom, take the remaining sock and twist it upwards towards your scalp. Then bring it back down over the hair and use another tie near the scalp to hold in place. This twisting motion really sets the curl.

Repeat on All Sections 

Follow the exact same process – spiral curl around fingers, sock wrap, twist, tie – on every section until all your hair is wrapped up into socks. Make sure to alternate the curl direction as you work around the head. 

Let Sit Overnight

Now the waiting game begins! Keep your socked hair in overnight, or at least 3-4 hours minimum. The longer the curls are wrapped tightly in socks, the better formation you’ll get.

Remove Carefully Next Day

The moment of truth has arrived. Carefully remove each sock by unwrapping it from end to root. Try not to tug too much to avoid frizz. Gently separate and arrange curls with your fingers into your desired style.

Finish with Styling Products

Your hair should remember the spiral shape even after removing the socks. For extra hold, you can mist curls lightly with hairspray or apply a touch more cream or mousse. This will help set the style and define strands.

Fluff and Separate Your Curls

The final step is breaking up your curls into your ideal shape. Separate any sock-made ringlets that are stuck together and gently fluff from root to end to encourage volume. Scrunch upwards for more lift at the roots.

Maintain Your Bouncy Curls

The benefit of sock curls is that the waves last for days! Lightly refresh curls in the mornings with water and product. You’ll have gorgeous spirals with movement that hold their shape until your next hair wash.

Tips and Tricks for Sock Curl Success

– Try socks with different textured knits – ribs, lace, etc can make unique curl imprints.

– Roll longer hair onto flexible velcro rollers before socking for extra hold.

– For more defined spirals, mist hair with setting lotion before rolling into socks.

– Don’t tie socks too tightly – gentle hold prevents dents and crimps.

– Sleep on a silk pillowcase to minimize friction and keep curls intact.

– Wrap each curl around rods or flexi-rods first for an anchored shape.

Get Salon-Worthy Curls Without the Expense or Damage 

Who knew basic socks could be the secret to gorgeous, voluminous curls? While it may seem tricky at first, sock curls are easy once you get the technique down. Not only does this completely heatless method prevent damage from hot tools, but it also leaves your hair super soft and shiny. Plus, you can get salon-worthy curls at home for free!

Ready to wake up with beautiful, touchable spirals that last days? Follow these sock curl steps tonight and unleash your inner goddess with sexy, carefree waves. Your hair will look freshly styled without even trying. Trade harsh curling irons for soft socks and reap the rewards of head-turning, glossy curls.

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