Rick Ross has been nominated for a Grammy award 12 times in his career, but does he actually have one? Find out if this is true or not!

The answer is no. Though he nominated many times but did not get any Grammy. Hope so, he will get it soon for his tremendous work. He didn’t seem too upset about this and was happy just being nominated.

There are many other artists that have never won a Grammy. But their album created new records.

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What is Grammy?

Grammy is the highest honor that can be given to an individual in the music industry. They are awarded annually by The Recording Academy, a membership organization of music professionals from across all genres and regions.

The Grammy’s mission statement says it best “to recognize artistic achievement and excellence in the recording arts & sciences.”

Grammy Awards date back to 1959 when they were first televised on TV with some small awards such as Best Classical Performance or Most Promising Female Vocalist. It wasn’t until 1967-68 that big stars started getting nominated because people began watching them on TV.

The Grammys are awarded in the following categories Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song or Collaboration of the Year, Best New Artist, and Producer Of The Year.

In addition to these eight main awards, there is also an award for Classical Crossover albums as well as a Hall Of Fame Award for those who have been inducted into it by their peers.

Rick Ross’s Achievement

Rick Ross got other awards like the Billboard Music Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, and the MOBO awards.

In 2011, he got the Bet Awards for Best International Act and Best Collaboration.

Rick Ross was nominated for the first time in Grammy awards in 2012 for best rap/sung collaboration. Next year again he got a nomination for the song ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ but did not get the award.

In 2015, his album ‘Mastermind’ got a nomination for the Best Rap Album.

Besides, In 2017, he was nominated again in Grammy Awards with his written song for visual media called Purple Lamborghini.

However, he also got a nomination for MTV Europe musical awards.


In his career, he made many famous and great songs. However, only a few of them were nominated for the Grammy Awards.

His album Rich Forever was a famous album and it was achieved a lot of appreciation.

The popular ones were “Hustlin'”, “No Games” and others like these as well as collaborations with rappers such as Dr. Dre or Nas.”Buttons” was another song by him.

But that didn’t make it to the Grammy’s either but still became very famous among people who loved this type of music from around the world.

He also did a collaboration with Drake called “Stay Schemin'” which was nominated for the Grammy Awards.

He is one musician who has had an amazing musical career thus far. He’s been able to earn respect from artists all over the world. Even if it doesn’t come in form of Grammy Awards or recognition by these awards but through other means.

Moreover, his other album called Mastermind was also nominated for the Grammy Awards and this album sold many copies.


In his career, he faced many controversies. One such controversy is related to blending two different types of genres together (Rap and Reggae).

This scandal resulted in some not being able to appreciate or accept his talent without the blending of the two genres. He was also accused of letting ghostwriters write for him and not being able to produce his own music.

This made Rick Ross a controversial figure in the industry, but he continued releasing more music with no changing what people were accusing him of doing.

In 2013, there was a video that went viral where someone claimed they had just seen Rick Ross at their pool hall smoking marijuana (which is illegal).

The controversy became even bigger when footage surfaced from an interview on BET’s 106 & Park which showed him holding up pounds of bags of weed while talking about how much money he makes off selling drugs.

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