The rapper Quavo is popular among the new generation of people. He is not only a rapper but also a singer and songwriter. Moreover, he also appeared in movies as an actor. Does Quavo have kids?

Well, the answer is no. Quavo does not have any kids. He is busy with his career and Migos. So, he did not pay attention to his personal life. When he was with Saweetie, he wanted to start a family. After their breakup, he did not care.

Does Quavo Have Kids
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Before their break up in 2020, Saweetie tweeted that ”I swear I thought I was gonna have at least one kid by 21 now look @ me”. Her fans react smoothly and wait to see their child. 

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Quavo told in a conversation that he is ready to have seven kids. His fans believed that he wanted to extend his family. They had a plan to have a kid before 2021. 

However, their fans did not imagine their separation. It was unexpected news for them. They seem to be a happy and perfect couple. Anyway, Quavo did not date anyone after his breakup. He is still single. 

Quavo family Background

Quavo told an interview about his family. His father died at an early age. When he was five years old, his father died. So, he did not remember his face clearly. 

The rapper grew up with his mother name Edna Marshall. She earned their living expenses by doing hairdresser. As a single mother, she has to struggle to maintain her living expenses. 

Quavo & his Mother Edna Marshall

After Quavo’s single was released, their condition changed and they started to live a comfortable life. Quavo’s first priority is family than his career. He is a family person. 

Moreover, his mother is an important person in his life, also an inspiration. Because of his mother’s struggle, he reached this position. Quavo maintains a warm relationship with his mother. 

Whenever he went to see his mother, he wanted to surprise her with expensive gifts. Actually, Quavo showers her with expensive gifts. On Christmas, he gave his mother a mansion. 

Moreover, on her birthday, Quavo surprised her with a classy car and a customized chain with two words Mama Huncho. She is well known as Mama Huncho in the press. 

Quavo shared a video clip when he gifted his mother a mansion. His mother could not control her emotion and cry. Takeoff recorded this video for him. This expresses the relationship between mother and son. 

Quavo’s Personal Life

Quavo’s personal life was not secret, he was in an open relationship. Everyone on social media and his fans knows about his relationship. He was in a relationship for almost two years. 

They shared the same profession and doing great. But suddenly his girlfriend Saweetie announced her single status. After her status, she moved on and concentred on work. 

However, they started their relationship in 2018. They stayed together and worked together on several songs. After their breakup, their physical intimation video clip was viral which happened in 2020. 

Anyway, they both moved on and living their life. In 2020, Quavo posted on social media that he completed his graduation. He was dropped out of high school 11 years ago. 

Through completing his graduation, we saw his dedication and hard work. Because of his hard work, he achieved in the music industry also. 

As a songwriter and singer, he worked with several famous musicians. Quavo doing great from the beginning of his career. His mother supported him in creating the Migos. 

Quavo’s Rise to Popularity

Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset grown up together by Quavo’s mother. Firstly they created a group and named Polo group. Then suddenly, they decided to change their group name to Migos. 

In 2008, they released their first mixtape Juug Season. After their single Versace was released in 2013, people started to know Migos. From that time Migos started to rise in popularity. 

Besides outside of Migos, Quavo released his first solo single named Champion in 2013. He led several works at Migos. However, he released his first studio album Huncho. From that time, he was well known as Huncho Quavo. 

As a member of Migos working with famous singer Justin Bebar is another level of achievement. The trio is famous as a part of Migos and they worked hard to go ahead with Migos. 

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