Quavious Keyate Marshall is mostly known as Quavo. As a record producer and co-founder of Migos, he earned fame with hard work. Does Quavo have a Grammy?

The answer is no. Quavo did not get any Grammy, and even he did not get any nomination for Grammy. Migos nominated for Best Rap Album in 2018 from Grammy. Hopefully, Quavo gets one soon for his tremendous work. 

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In 2018, Migos nominated for the album ‘Culture’. However, Quavo got several nominations from several award functions. In 2017 for the first time, Quavo got a nomination from Teen Choice Awards. 

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His first award came from Teen Choice Awards for this work ”Know No Better”. He has to share this award with Travis Scott, Major Lazer, and Camila Cabello. In the same year, he got four nominations for the song ”I’m the One”. 

Then he got a nomination for Best Hip Hop Video from MTV Video Music Awards. The American Music Awards gave him two nominations for Collaboration of the Year and Favorite Song – Rap/Hip-Hop for the same work. 

However, he won three awards out of five nominations. In this song I’m the One, several famous singers collaborate with Quavo like Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, and Li Wayne. They also got nominated with him. 

In 2018, he got two nominations from Billboard Music Awards. The first one is for ”Congratulations” with Post Malone in Top Streaming Song (Audio) category. The other one is for ”I’m the One” in the Top Rap Song category. 

Recently, Quavo got another nomination from MTV Video Music Awards for Intentions in the Best Pop Video category. In this video, Quavo collaborated with Justin Bieber. This award result is not published yet. 

Quavo’s Achievements

In his career, he was earned popularity and love from his fans. Many of his songs were appreciated by critics. The best achievement is people’s love. However, he got some awards also.

Quavo & karolg / Image / Instagram: @quavohuncho

As a rapper and songwriter, he did several famous works. Having a Grammy is another level of achievement. In his career, he had many chances to get one. 

Outside the Migos, Quavo won some awards which were his achievement. He got these awards for his talent and hard work. Moreover, he appeared not only in the music industry but also in the film industry.

Today what he achieves because of his talent. He was not getting famous overnight. There were much effort and hard work that was not exposed in front of his fans. 

Quavo as an Actor

When he debuted in the film industry, he started with tv series. In 2016, he debuted with the tv series named Atlanta. In an episode Go for Broke, he appeared for the first time. Then in 2018, he acted in the ”Star” tv-series and the next year acted in two tv-series. 

After watching his acting no one can raise a question about his acting skill. In 2019, he appeared in the ”’Ballers” and ”Black-ish” series. Because of his acting skill, he got more projects. 

Most recently, Quavo acted in ‘Justin Bieber: Seasons’ in which he appeared in ‘The Finale’ episode. The same year, he also acted in another tv series. 

Moreover, Quavo was cast in Randall Emmett’s film ”Wash Me in the River”. In this film, he will act as Coyote who is a drug lord. However, in this movie, he will get a chance to act with Robert De Niro. 

Randall Emmett told in an interview that ”Quavo is a superstar and a real actor”. “Getting to see him bring the Coyote character to life is very exciting, and I think he is going to have a film career equally as big as his music.”

During the shooting, they are having fun and always learn something new. Working with famous actors could develop his acting skill. Even, he shared shooting Bts on his social media account. 

Quavo’s Social Media Fame

Quavo is famous on social media like Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, Quavo has around 20 million followers. 

In his life and career, nothing is hidden. He used to post everything on social media. That’s why people love him more. 

People love to follow him on social media to know his work update and so on. Now a days, social media use as a platform for promotion. Every rapper updates their upcoming projects.  

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