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Does Quavo Have a Brother?

The American rapper Quavo is well known as the co-founder of the Migos. It is easy to wonder whether or not Quavo has a brother. We did not see him talk about his brother. Does Quavo have a brother?

Well, the answer is no. Quavo does not have a brother, but he has an elder sister. His sister’s name is Kashara Marshall who is well known as the sister of famous rapper Quavo. She is also known for her youtube channel ‘The REED family’. 

Does Quavo Have a Brother
Quavo & his sister Kashara Marshall / Image / Instagram: @quavohuncho

As a family person, Quavo spends much time with his sisters and mother. On social media like Instagram, Quavo used to post their photo on special moments.  

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There is a rumor that Quavo and Takeoff brothers. People believed this rumor and spread this news. However, they are cousins and grew up together. 

Takeoff is Quavo’s nephew, they both shared the same profession. Quavo’s mother is the grandmother of Takeoff. They started their career at the same time. 

How the Rumor Spread?

Takeoff was grown up with Quavo when his father left him at an early age. Offset and Takeoff were raised by Quavo’s mother. They spend a memorable childhood. 

However, they are cousins and still maintain a close relationship. People thought that Quavo and Takeoff are brothers. This is a rumor that spread through social media. 

However, Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff are related to each other but not biological brothers. They did not pay attention to this rumor. But they clarified officially about their relationship. 

Quavo’s mother supported them from the beginning and in 2008, they formed Migos. From that time, their musical journey started. 

Quavo’s Sister Kashara Marshall Life

Kashara Marshall is also known as Migo Shara. She started her family and has two daughters. In her Instagram account, she used to post her family picture and special moments.

Kashara Marshall with her family
Kashara Marshall & her Family / Image / Instagram: @migo_shara

In 2019, Marshall got married to Jay. Quavo’s brother-in-law Jay makes sure on the wedding day that the bouquet got Quavo’s girlfriend’s hand. 

That day Saweetie got the bouquet. After the wedding, Quavo posted a wedding picture with his sister. In which, his sister wears a white wedding gown and she looks beautiful. 

However, after her marriage, she is happy with her husband and family member. As a mother of two daughters, she is caring and supportive. Moreover, she used to make videos for her youtube channel. 

Marshall leads a luxurious life with her family. If you notice her social media, you will see her lifestyle quite different from others. Because of her popularity, she opened a youtube channel and earned a handsome amount. 

However, she is so possessive about his brother Quavo. As an elder sister, she had some responsibility to protect her brother from a wrong life partner. 

When Saweetie fans and followers blamed him to deceive his girlfriend, that time Kashara defended his brother. Even she added an IG story in her account.  

She wrote, “I’ve been quiet long enough,” “I see how this is turning into a bash fest against my brother, and that aint about to happen at all.”

Musical Style

Every rapper has a different musical style. Because of their vocal, musical style, and beat, they are different from everyone. Quavo has a unique musical style.

Having a unique musical style is a blessing that got Quavo. In Migos, the trio was active in their work and achieved more in a short time. 

Because of his hard work, his four singles took position on number ten on the Billboard 100 hot chart. People loved his work and praised him a lot. Outside the Migos, he made his different identity. 

There are many reasons to love his work. His first solo album got popular because of his talent. However, his popularity can not come within overnight, he has to struggle. 

Most importantly, he has to improve his voice and beat style to be a great rapper. Family support is the best blessing which he got from the beginning. His sister and mother were very cooperative from the first time.