Pitbull is mostly known as a singer. Besides being a singer, he is also known as an actor, brand ambassador, and businessman. Many people thoughts that he is not making any song. Let’s find out the answer to the question, “Does Pitbull still make music?”

There is no confusion that Pitbull still making music. Recently in 2021, he released his new music video, I Feel Good. This is the proof of this question. His love for music made him work still. He loves to make music because it was his passion since childhood. 

Pitbull/Image/Instagram: @pitbull

However, Pitbull took a break from his music career in 2019. From that time, he hardly released a song or music video. In his opinion, he wanted to keep his quality work. 

Moreover, along with the singing profession, he joined many other industries. Like, Pitbull joined in acting through television in 2017. Besides music, he has plenty of things ahead of himself. 

In his latest music video, ”I Feel Good” reached 4.5 million views in 3 weeks. This music video was released on Pitbull’s official youtube channel. He was worked with DJWS and Anthony Watts on this song. 

So, it is clear that Pitbull still making music. Even he collaborated with Indian singerGuru Randhawa. He used to concert all over the world. 

Is Pitbull Retired?

Including Pitbull and his work, there have been a lot of questions. Some people spread a rumor about his retirement from music. But that is not true. 

Pitbull is still active in the music industry. His passion for music started when he was in his teenage. He has started the singing profession officially in 2001. Since that time, he was working hard. 

The rumor about his retirement was popped up when he was not active in his work. As a celeb, he is working as a brand ambassador. He also runs some businesses. Wh

When his next album was released, all the rumors got clear. Taking a break from his profession means, he wanted to come back with a big project. That does not mean, he quilt from his profession. 

So, Pitbull is not retired. He took a break to keep his work quality like before. That is the reality. 

Musical Style

Every rapper and singer has a different style. Because of their unique style, people love them. It is a plus point to have a different style.

In his early career, he used to mixtape famous songs and works on freestyle. His vocal, musical style and rapping got popular within a short time. Because of his uniqueness, people love him most. 

From Miami street rapper to turn world-class brand. This journey is not easy for Pitbull. He is known to collaborate with famous artists in his career. He already did well in this industry. 

How he came into the Music Industry?

Pitbull was born in Miami and then move somewhere. Because of his family issue. Again come back to Miami and grew up here. His father was engaged in extra activities. 

That’s why he was also interested in music. When his father left him with his mother, he was in his teenage. Then grew up with his mother and his mother moved to the U.S. in 1962. 

When he was only five years old, his father took him to a bar and gave him a chance to recite a poem by a famous philosopher. That is the first time for Pitbull to perform in a public place. 

Pitbull said, ”That was the first time I saw how powerful words were”. He also added ”We’re a culture that likes to talk a lot. We have a lot of sayings. Words mean a lot.”

Because of a member of a basketball team, he was discipline from his childhood. When his mother dropped him in school, they used to listen to Tony Robbins in the car. 

So, his family has played an important role in his music career. This is the story of how he came into the music industry. 

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