Nle Choppa is an American rapper and songwriter. Does Nle Choppa have a son?

Nle Choppa does not have a son yet. But he does have a daughter. His daughter’s name is Clover Brylie Potts. Nle Choppa has been married to his wife for over 10 years now. So, it might be time to start thinking about starting a family!

NLE Choppa with his daughter Clover | Via Instagram @nlechoppamusic

In an interview, Choppa talked about his daughter little. He said, “I just couldn’t have been more proud [of her]. I don’t know where she gets it from.”

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Moreover, he used to post his daughter’s photo on Twitter and wrote My Daughter Is Beyond Beautiful, Daddy’s Little Goddess. Choppa loves his daughter very much.

Choppa’s Life with his Daughter

Nle Choppa loves to spend his leisure time with his daughter. He used to play with his child.

In an interview, reporters asked him if he does not have a son. “I don’t need one,” Choppa responded with a laugh, his daughter in his arms.”

On his Twitter account, he expresses his feeling about having a daughter. His daughter is a blessing for him. We saw many video clips of Choppa and his daughter.

Choppa’s Career Beginning

Nle Choppa started his career with the song No Love Anthem”, which does not have any explicit lyrics.

He is also a composer, he had composed many songs for many artists such as Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

Choppa’s first single ”Murda on my Mind” was released in 2000. It talks about his life as an aspiring rapper growing up with violence everywhere but the ability to escape due to opportunities that came from music.

He does this by telling how hard it is living in gang-dominated areas like Brooklyn and Los Angeles where you are either killed or incarcerated if you don’t make something of yourself through hip hop and other forms of artistry.”

It does not matter what I go through, because I’m blessed – God gave me the flow/patience and the know-how to get mine.

Struggle in the Music Industry

Nle does not get popularity overnight. He has to struggle and does not even know where to turn for help.

The only person who does offer him some kind of assistance is his mother, but he does not want her to do it because she has a son that needs attention as well.

She also does not have enough money to be able to support Nle Choppa through this difficult time in his life. With no other options, the only thing that can save him from being thrown back out on the street is music production companies coming together and deciding they are going to work with an artist like Nlè Choppà.

The first company to step up was Rohan Marley Music Production Company which helped produce one of their singles called “No One Can”.

Before Fame

Nle’s real name is Bryson Lashun Potts but he is known as Nle Choppa. He was paly basketball in school. However, he took music seriously at the age of 15 and left school to pursue a career in music.

As a rapper, he is established and successful to get fame. But he was not popular before gave a hit song. 

However, he is really famous on social media. On Twitter, he used to post about his personal life event and his daughter’s photo. 

There are many reasons to be a famous artist and got popularity. Because of his talent, he worked with some famous artists. 

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