We all know that Nle Choppa is a rap sensation. He has been in the game for years and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. And while we are waiting on his next album, he decided to give us some new music! But does Nle Choppa have Instagram?

Well, Nle has an Instagram account which is verified. He does not seem to be active on the account though. He does post pictures, but they are mostly of him in the studio working or going about his day.

NLE Choppa | Via Instagram @nlechoppamusic

But he did not directly post on this account. Maybe his Instagram account is managed by Warner Records. 

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Perhaps he is too busy with his many other ventures to use Instagram as a marketing tool. Maybe he does not want it to become an issue when someone cyberbullies him and takes over his account for several days! That has happened before so I can understand this thinking process from Nle.

Regardless, we all know that social media accounts have been used by famous people who do not need them most times because some benefits come from having one – especially if you’re trying to keep up with your fans. As long as you stay disciplined and maintain control over your posts.

Social Media Fame

Nle Choppa is one of the most popular artists nowadays because of how famous he is on social media apps like Twitter and Instagram. Sometimes, he is trending for his dress and style.

Because of social media, he can connect with his fans. This is the best reason to use social media.

The fans always stay excited to know more about their idol. Choppa used to post about his work update and personal information.

However, he has a verified Twitter account and an Instagram Account. On Twitter, he has more than 1 million followers. On the other hand, on Instagram, he has above 3.6 million followers.

If you notice, you will see his fame increasing day by day. Choppa is considered a rising star.

Choppa’s Work

Choppa’s career seems to be following a different path.

He has been on for three years now with his own company that he runs where he produces music such as trap or Hip-Hop type of rap songs.

Moreover, he does have production skills and many people would pay attention to what he does to get inspiration from him.

Because of his fame, he also does some collaborations such as the one that was in 2017 where he collaborated with Tentacion.

In the same year, he was also in a collaboration with Lil Pump. As for this 2018, he is now collaborating with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

He does not only collaborate but does guest appearances on different songs and videos as one of them would be his song that has been released last October 2017 called “BullsEye.”

Another recent video would be him appearing in the music video where two other artists have teamed up to create it which is by Yung Bans and Offset from Migos’ group.

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