Nelly Furtado is one of the popular singers in the Canadian music industry. She got success as a singer as well as a songwriter. But there is a question that has been arisen on the internet “Does Nelly Furtado Still Make Music?”

Alright, the answer is “No.” Currently, Nelly Furtado does not make music. According to her official YouTube channel, her last lyric video “Sticks & Stones” was shared more than four years ago.

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So, we can comfortably say that Nelly Furtado does not make music now. She is so far from her music career. On the other hand, she did not share any updated information about her music career.

As she is far from music, her fans search on the internet to get correct information about her music career. Let’s find out the reason behind stopping releasing music, keep reading it.

Why does Nelly Furtado far from her music career?

Nelly Furtado is a multitalented singer who spends over five years at the top of the charts among other singers. But suddenly she practically vanished from the music industry overnight.

She had not released any music for a long time. Possibly there are some personal reasons behind her music career break. A few years ago, she had a nervous breakdown on stage.

Then Nelly Furtado left the stage and went back home. In 2017, Nelly told that she was on the Loose tour to attend a program. In addition, she was very exhausted.

Nelly Furtado realized that she was very stressed out during performing on stage. At that time she was crying her way. Then Nelly Furtado took a break from music.

After returning home, she realized that she was seeking passing time with her whole family. It made her happy and comfortable. Later, she back to her music career and released an album in the Spanish language.

By the way, she is so far from her music career for more than four years. As Nelly Furtado did not release any new songs for a long time so it proves that she does not make music now.

The musical career of Nelly Furtado

Over the 26 years, Nelly Furtado has made a tremendous musical career. She started her musical career by contributing vocals to the “Join the Ranks” album in 1996.

“Whoa, Nelly!” is the debut album of Nelly Furtado. The album was released in 2000 and was a superhit album at that time. In 2003, Nelly Furtado released her second album “Folklore.”

She had been a famous singer after the release of “Força.” Because it was the official anthem of the UEFA Euro 2004. “Loose” was the third studio album of Nelly Furtado which was released in 2006.

Three years later, Nelly Furtado released her next music album “Mi Plan” in 2009. It got a lot of views within a short time. “The Best of Nelly Furtado” is the first greatest album of Nelly Furtado.

In 2012, she duet with K’naan on the “Is Anybody Out There?” song. It took place on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. Anyway, she released a lot of hit songs during her whole music career.

Nelly Furtado’s other ventures

Nelly Furtado is also worked in the film industry besides the music industry. In 2016, she appeared in the film “A Date with Miss Fortune.” It was a comedy film where she appeared in a minor supporting role.

Once she performed at the Honey Jam talent show which was very attractive. Nelly Furtado worked in a reality show “VIP Pocket Show.”  She hosted a program on MTV about AIDS.

Nelly Furtado had been worked with lots of international fashion magazines including Portugal’s Vogue. On the other hand, Furtado was voted as one of the Fun & Fearless Females in 2002.

Nelly Furtado’s current activities

If you noticed Furtado’s social media account, you could know about her current activities. Currently, she is active on Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Nelly Furtado shared her photo and activities on social media. She was separated from his husband. In 2021, Nelly Furtado shared on Instagram that she is the mother of two more children.

According to her statement, she is living in Toronto and New York City in the United States now. Nelly Furtado purchased an apartment in New York City for living.

On the other hand, she did not share anything about her new project. Possibly Nelly Furtado is not working with her new song now. She has vanished from the music industry overnight. Nelly Furtado is living with her family.

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