MC Hammer is a famous name in the American music industry. He got success as a rapper along with a dancer. Currently, people started talking about “Does MC Hammer Still Make Music?”

The answer is complicated, possibly he does not make music now. Because according to the official YouTube channel, MC Hammer released his last song two years ago & he did not share any updates about his new songs.

Does MC Hammer Still Make Music
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Four years ago, MC Hammer released a couple of songs. Then about three years, he was far from his music career. In 2020, Hammer released a new song. However, after that still, he did not release any song.

So, his fans want to know does he make music or not. Currently, there are lots of questions has been searched on the internet about MC Hammer.

As MC Hammer is not shared any updates about his new songs and he is far from his music career for a long time so it proves that he does not make music now.

Why does MC Hammer far from his music career?

MC Hammer has not released any new songs this year. But the reason is still unclear. Some people thought that he is going to leave his music career & others thought that he is taking some time to release a new song.

However, there is no correct information on the internet about it. On the other hand, MC Hammer did not share the reason also. As a result, we cannot make sure that he is going to leave the music industry.

Most of the time, rappers are staying far from their musical career due to some reasons like sickness, depression, personal problems, etc. But they officially told their fans about the reasons.

Later, they back to their music career. But MC Hammer did not share the reason behind stopping releasing new songs. That is why fans became excited to know the reason.

MC Hammer released his last song entitled with “Look Around” on 18 April 2020. The length of the song was more than five minutes and got almost 64k views on YouTube.

MC Hammer was seen to wear musk in the song. Because he released the song during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be possible that he was trying to make awareness among the people.

MC Hammer’s musical career

MC Hammer started his music career in the middle of 1986. “Feel My Power” was the debut album of MC Hammer. The album was released in 1986.

Later in 1988, he re-released another version named “Let’s Get It Started” which became a famous album during that era. MC Hammer & Jon Gibson formed a Christian rap group.

MC Hammer borrowed about $20k from some former baseballs player to start a record label business for publishing songs in the 1980s. “Feel My Power” was the debut album of his record label.

Surprisingly, the album was sold over 60k copies within a short time. As a result, the fame of MC Hammer became increased at a rapid rate in the American music industry.

MC Hammer and his wife released a song named “Ring Em” of tireless street marketing. After signed with a contract with Capitol Records, MC Hammer re-issued the “Feel My Power” album and added some new tracks.

At that time, the album was sold over 2 million copies surprisingly! MC Hammer has a tremendous music career.

Hammer’s some music album and releasing year:

Album’s NameReleasing year
Too Legit to QuitIn 1991
The Funky HeadhunterIn 1994
Inside OutIn 1995
Back 2 Back HitsIn 1997
Active DutyIn 2001
Full BlastIn 2004
“Look Look Look”In 2006

However, MC Hammer produced and recorded a lot of songs that were never available on the internet yet. He has signed contracts with many record labels including Bust It Records and Capitol.

What is MC Hammer doing now?

Currently, MC Hammer is living with his family. A few years ago, he moved to Tracy, a city in California. The 60 years old rapper resides in a large ranch-style abode.

MC Hammer and his wife are still together and passing their life happily. He married Stephanie Fuller on 21st December 1985. Now they have five children- three boys and two girls.

MC Hammer is active on social media and he shares his daily activities on Twitter. He did not release any music album for a couple of years. Possibly he is focusing on his business now to increase his net worth.

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