This blog post discusses the question of whether or not Master P has a sister. A lot of people are interested in this question. So, it’s always interesting to see what different answers people come up with.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of these opinions and try to answer that burning question once and for all!

The answer is yes. Master P has a sister named Germaine. He has three brothers also. Master P is the oldest of five siblings. They grew up together and had an amazing childhood. 

In addition to his sister Germaine, Master P also has three other brothers Kevin, platinum, and Vyshonne. All five are close-knit together! They have always looked out for one another since they were kids.

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Master P always says that he considers his siblings to be like his best friends.

In an interview, Master P said that his favorite memories are when he and his siblings would sneak out of the house to hang out with their friends.

It was so much fun! They loved doing this especially after they were grounded. Because it felt like a huge accomplishment for them to get away from home.

Master P’s family has always been very supportive of him, even though there have been some hard times. They’re proud of all he accomplished in music and on TV as well as everything else he does today.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Master P has always been very dedicated to his family.

Master P’s first wife was named Sonya Miller in 1989 and they had seven kids together. Percy “PJ” Miller Jr., Vanessa “Neeny” Rose-Mariama, and Victoria Lightfoot (born in 1990).

In 2014, he got divorced from her after spending two decades of marriage. Though the divorce wasn’t easy for him or his sons at all, it did give them a chance to grow closer again by making music together as father and son.

Basketball Career

After his basketball career, Master P became a rapper and producer.

The following year, he convinced Jive Records to sign him on under the name “Mr. Percy”.

In 1991, Mr. Sid Sidel (owner of Kool Moe Dee’s label) gave Master P an opportunity when he let him have some verses in the song “Funky Ho” which was released that same year by JDL Inc., headed by Jay-Dee; this is where he got his stage name from: ‘Master P’.

He later signed with New Line Cinema as their first rap artist for Onyx Entertainment from 1994 to 1992 then started No Limit Records soon after in 1995.  

Master P has two contractions with No Limit Records.

Master P signed a contract to distribute and promote his albums through Priority Records from 1994 until 1997 when he created new distribution company, No Limit Distribution.

This came as an advantage because it only allowed him to focus on improving the quality of his music instead of arguing about which label should release each album.

While also giving him more control over producing his records without any outside interference. No Limit Distribution’s first success was Mystikal’s 1996 platinum album “Mind Of A Lunatic”.

Master P Famous Work

Master P is the CEO of No Limit Records, a record label that he started in 1995.

No Limit has released many albums and singles by Master P himself as well as his son Romeo Miller, Marques Houston, Olivia, Silkk The Shocker, and C-Murder to name just a few.

Before founding NoLimit Records on October 15th, 1995 with partner Kevin “Silk” Jones, Master P released three solo records; Ghetto D (1993), Get Away Clean (1995), and Good Side Bad Side: Pt II – The Autobiography Of Kirk Jones (1996). All these releases reached platinum status by selling more than one million copies each.

The first album distributed by Priority was their compilation, The Southern Way.

Master P is also the founder of No Limit Sports and Entertainment which includes a clothing line called “No Limit Gear,” an entertainment company with himself as CEO/President, and his own production studio to produce movies for DVD release. 

In 2002 Master P created World Wide Remix Records as a joint venture between him and Universal Records in hopes of creating new talent while still being able to focus on No Limit artists such as Snoop Dogg.

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