It’s been nearly 20 years since Little Simz and her brother, Big Simz, released their debut album. Their music has sold millions of copies worldwide. Yet there is one thing that people have a hard time believing about the musician: Does Little Simz have a child?

The rapper has never spoken publicly about having children in the past, but new evidence suggests otherwise. In an interview with The Guardian, Simz revealed that she was “pregnant.” This is a word the rapper has never used before. Anyway, she has two children.

When asked about it in the past, she’s always been tight-lipped. But during this recent time of her life, Little Simz became more open to speaking out about personal issues.

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Little Simz’s Family

Little Simz’s family is very important to her. She has two children, one of whom she had with an ex-boyfriend and the other from a relationship with producer Mike Dean.

In 2014, Little Simz announced that she was pregnant on Instagram by posting a picture of herself in front of the Eiffel Tower. The photo showed the rapper wearing red lipstick and holding up a pregnancy test stick reading “pregnant”.

But at this time, there were no pictures or videos showing either child anywhere online which raised some eyebrows about their namesakes’ true identities.

The following year, Little Simz posted her son’s name as Omar Dean Brown on social media after receiving backlash for not publicly acknowledging him before then.

Little Simz / Image/ Instagram: @littlesimz

So, it’s unclear how many children Little Simz actually has. There is no way to tell if her son Omar Dean Brown is the child, she had with producer Mike Dean or not. 

However, her son was born in 2015, just a year after they were rumored to be dating.

It would make sense that these two are indeed from one another considering their likeness and because there have been rumors of them being together since 2013.

Little Simz’s personal life

Little Simz grew up in North London and is the daughter of a Nigerian father and an English mother. 

She first got into music at age 11 when she was invited to be part of an all-girl rap group called Cat Dolls. The group also included Jazzy B from The Streets fame.

She started her journey as one of their backup dancers before eventually becoming the lead vocalist for the duo.

In 2014 Little Simz released her debut EP titled “A Good Night’s Sleep.” Her second EP entitled “Talk to Strangers” came out two years later on November 23rd, 2016 – marking what would have been Michael Jackson’s 59th birthday, had he still been alive.

She followed that with her latest rap EP “The Simz”, which came out on July 27th, 2017.

Little Simz’s personal life is confusing, to say the least. She has never disclosed her age or where she was born, but it can be assumed that she grew up in North London.

Simz is from a Nigerian family because of her father’s background and because Little Simz herself attended an all-girls school in Tottenham for four years.

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