Does Lil Uzi Vert have cancer? Rumors of the rapper having cancer began to circulate after a video surfaced of him telling his fans he was going to “die soon.” In other videos, he’s wearing what appears to be a hospital gown and does not look healthy. Is it possible that Lil Uzi Vert does have cancer?

The answer is no. Lil Uzi does not have cancer. He made a song which the title is cancer in Eternal Atake v1 album. Since that time there is a rumor about Lil’s cancer. 

Lil Uzi Vert | Via Instagram @liluzivert

Uzi posted on his social media account with a photo and wrote the caption F**k cancer. At that time people believed that he was suffering from cancer.

In an interview, Lil was asked about his health and he replied with “I don’t know”. He does not seem to want to talk about it. He promoted his song on social media but people took it seriously. 

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How the Rumpor Spread?

The rumor spread through social media and blogs because of the similarity to Lil Uzi Vert’s tattoo.

Lil Uzi does not have cancer, as confirmed by his publicist in 2017. A video was released on YouTube in November 2016 discussing the rumor and showing that the rapper does not have any signs of illness.

After the rumor went viral, people make comments on this matter. All the information was false about Lil’s cancer. He does not have any signs, as seen in a YouTube video released last year that discusses the rumor and shows Lil Uzi does not have cancer.

The people who commented on this matter are wrong because they never validated whether or not it is true. It’s unfair for them to make these claims without knowing all of the facts about his health – including if there even was anything wrong with him at all!

Lil’s Eternal Atake Album

In this album, Lil makes several hit songs. The album achieved much and brings much appreciation. Because of this album, he is known by people and getting fame.

However, he gets several awards for his great works. The album Eternal Atake is released in 2020. He used to promote songs on social media.

Lil was excited about this album that he tweets several times about this album.

As a rapper, he gave us many hit songs and still working on his upcoming album. Another album that is popular among his fans is ”Luv is Rage 2”. After releasing this album, it was number one on the Billboard 200. 

The song Lil Uzi Vert had mixed feelings about this album. He does not like it for some reason but still does his best to make the songs in that album.

Lil’s fame on Social Media

Lil is a famous rapper in America. Because of his talent, he gets fame within a short time. On his social media account, he used to post his work update. He had a total of 15 million followers on Instagram, and over 14 million on Twitter as well.

Lil does not post anything to his social media account recently. He does not even have a single tweet since December 2017.

However, he took a break from his busy life that is the reason he did not active on social media. He used his social media as a platform for promotion. You can easily promote anything on social media. People love to follow him on social media cause they get his update regularly.

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