Lil Durk or Durk Derrick Banks, he’s known across the world, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His debut album was released in 2011. Then he took rapping as a profession. Does Lil Durk have kids?

Well, the answer is yes. Lil is the father of six children. He used to post images on social media with his children. As a father, he is so caring and loves to spend quality time with children. 

Lil Durk / Image / Instagram: @lildurk

Durk became a father at an early age. When he was in high school, his first child was born. 

At that time, he was in a relationship with his high school sweethearts. Then, Lil dropped out of his career. 

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Lil Durk’s Kids

Lil and Nicole Covone started dating in 2008in high school. In 2011, Durk welcomed his first child named Angelo Banks. 

After two years in 2013, his girlfriend gave birth to another child. This time Lil was blessed with a baby girl named Bella Banks. After Bella’s birth, they ended their relationship. 

In the same year, Lil again became a father for the third time. A few months after Bella’s born, Zayden Banks was born. But Lil did not reveal his Zayden mother’s name. 

Then in 2014, Du’mier Banks was born. But his mother’s name was unknown. In the same year, Lil became a father for the fifth time. 

The child’s name is Skyler Banks. There is a rumor that Tameka Kute is the mother of Skyler. 

However, in 2017 Lil and India started dating. In 2018, They gave birth to a son Willow. 

After the birth of his sixth child, he posted on social media an image with his child. He captioned this image like… 

No matter what you see or hear ima great daddy….my 6th child.

Lil Durk & Willow / Image / Instagram: @lildurk

Durk and India are still together and doing well together. They got married and stayed in his mansion in California. 

Is Lil Durk an Attentive Dad?

Lil took responsibility as a father from the first time. After the birth of his first son, he took his rapping career seriously.

However, he always separates his professional life from his personal life. In an interview, he disclosed his wish to have ten children.

His fans were shocked to hear the news. In his opinion, he wanted a large family and wants to spend more time with them.

On Instagram, Lil posted his two sons image and wrote a caption ”Ima daddy to 6 babies I love all y’all so much” 

Lil really loves his children more than anything. He used to post his special moments with children on social media. 

However, Lil has been seen out with his children on several occasions. As a father, Lil took the responsibility very well. 

Lil’s life entirely changed after his first child was born. He was not serious about rapping but got positive feedback from his two songs.

 When he became a father, he realized took his career seriously. From that time, Lil worked hard and got success. 

Lil Famous Work

Lil began his career in 2011. In his short career, he did several works which got popular. 

 In his first two songs, he got much positive feedback which inspired him much. Then he released his third mixtape ”Life Ain’t No Joke”. 

This mixtape brought him fame and recognization at the same time. Because of his popularity, he signed a deal with Only the Family. 

Then in 2013, he released another mixtape album, Signed to the Streets. In this album, there was a lot of storytelling. It consists of real rap songs. 

Lil told in an interview about this album, “It’s a lot more interesting. There’s a lot more storytelling. It’s different from my last mixtape but it’s still real rapping. I just stepped it up a notch. I got DJ Drama and he made it bigger.”

Moreover, he released the ‘Love Songs 4 the Streets 2’ album in 2019. It was a sequel to his commercial mixtape. 

This album got positive reviews from critics and his fans. That’s why people accepted positively. Lil got much appreciation from this work.

Because of his talent, he has not struggled much like others. Lil got positive responses from his first work.

So, as a rapper and songwriter, he is established and successful in his position. 

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