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Does Lil Dicky Have a Grammy?

Lil Dicky is an artist who has been nominated for some awards. But did not get anyone. He has been in news for getting Grammy awards. Let’s find out, does Lil Dicky have a Grammy?

Well, the answer is no. Lil Dicky does not have a grammy. Even he did not get any awards for his music career. He got several nominations for the Freaky Friday song but did not win any. 

Does Lil Dicky Have a Grammy
Lil Dicky

Dicky have a Grammy is a rumor that spread through social media. People believe what they saw or listen to. They should search for real news. 

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The rumor was started when someone wrote on social media, Lil got Grammy. The news went viral within a short time. 

However, Lil did several outstanding works. Because of his work, he got success and earned fame. Hope so, he will get awards soon.


For the first time in 2016, he got a nomination from Shorty Awards in the Best Youtube Musician category. 

In 2019, Lil got a nomination for his music. He got a nomination for Freaky Friday from Billboard Music Awards in the Top R&B Song category. 

Then in the same year, Lil got another nomination from iHeartRadio Music Awards in the Best Music Video category. He got this nomination for the same song. 

The song Freaky Friday was one of the best songs in Lil’s life. This song earned much and got appreciation. 

In 2018, MTV Europe Music Awards gave a nomination to Freaky Friday for best video. Lil got a nomination with Chris Brown for this music video. Next year, he got another nomination for Earth from MTV Video Music Awards. MTV nominated him for Video for Good. 

Why Lil Took a Break?

In his short career, he released some albums. Some got popular, and some of them did not get any appreciation from people and critics. 

Lil took a break from his works. Probably five years, he did not release any album. His fans and followers are eagerly waiting for his new album. 

The rapper Lil Dicky is a straight-forward person. He told the real reason why he took a long time to release a song. Because of his tv-series Dave’s promotion, he did not get enough time to pay attention to music. 

“I’m a no-stone-unturned kind of artist,” he explained. “I haven’t put an album out for four and a half years. At this point, my fans are like ‘What the hell is wrong with you, man?”

However, his fans are happy to see him on tv. They congrats him on his tv-series and eagerly waiting for a new song. 

In his tv-series, his fans can see what kind of person he is. He told his fans that they will understand why takes a long time. Lil is working on his latest album. Hopefully, we will get updates about his new album release date. 

When Dicky gave an interview to TheWrap, he told…

“I gotta finish it. The sooner the better, I’ll say that. I could finish it in a month, or it could take me 15 years,” he joked before quickly taking it back.

“It won’t take 15 years. At a certain point, I’m just gonna have to put my foot down and just do it,” he said. “I’m a few songs away still.”


Lil started his rapping career so that he can get attention comedically. So that he can write tv shows and movies. 

But at a time, he fells in love with the rap career. Then he decides not to leave this career, he will prove himself in this game.  

In 2012 with the mixtape So Hard, he started his career as a rapper. For this mixtape, he worked hard for two years. Because that time, he is working for another job.

Moreover, he has to spend his savings for released the first mixtape. That time, he has shown his courage to leave his job and started working on his first mixtape. 

Because of his talent in making music videos, he got famous. When the song Ex-boyfriend’s music video was released, he started to be recognized by people. 

This song got him overtime fame. Lil did not believe that this song got such massive success. However, Lil is established his career in the music industry.