Does Juice Wrld have a kid? That is the question that many people are asking after he released his new album titled “Goodbye & Good Riddance”. The rapper has not been shy about talking about his son on social media, but does it go any deeper than that? Let’s find out!

The answer is not clear. We are not sure about his kid. There is a rumor that when he died, his girlfriend is pregnant. On social media, we did not any articles about his kid. So we assure you it was a rumor.

So if we’re looking at the timeline of events, his girlfriend was pregnant in 2018 and he died on December 31st.

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The song “In Here Somewhere” is another one where it talks about a child that Juice Wrld has had with someone else while being in love with somebody else.

He also sings “I’m not alone now, I got you/ You were holding my hand through this whole thing.” In an interview for Noisey’s article “Goodbye & Good Riddance, A Breakdown Of JUICE WRNND’S New Album,” the rapper claims to have been truthful when talking about these things because they are just part of life.

This is what he said to Noisey in the interview: “We all have kids, we’re not going to live forever.”

“I want people to know that it’s okay if you f*ck up,” he added. “It’s okay if I f*cked up.”

Juice’s Lyrical Themes

Juice Wrld is an artist who traffics drugs and violence. His lyrics are often riddled with expletives, causing him to be banned from several radio stations in Chicago. In addition, Juice has been vocal about his struggles on social media.

At the age of 15, he was charged with armed robbery for stealing a man’s iPhone at gunpoint.

In 2014 he wrote “I’m f**king depressed too” when Ellen DeGeneres asked what it felt like to have so many people know your name after going viral as one of the first breakout artists off Drake’s OVO Sound label.

In 2017, Lil Uzi Vert tweeted that JW had told him that two weeks prior he had attempted suicide. 

How was his Personal Life Before Death?

Juice’s personal life was miserable from his childhood. In his childhood, his parents divorced and he grew up with his mother.

Juice Wrld grew up without much parental guidance which led to some of his personal struggles like drug addiction or girlfriend problems. In 2018, he went through a difficult breakup with Ariana Grande after dating for two years because she demanded too many things from him including fame (which is something he didn’t want).

Around October 2018, rumors started circulating about Juice Wrld having a kid despite not being married nor engaged (he wore rings only once ). The rapper has never spoken publicly about fatherhood.

However, he did not reveal his personal life on social media. He wanted to keep his family away from controversy or something that they can not take easily.

Career Beginnings

Juice Wrld has worked with some big names in the industry, including Drake, G-Eazy, and Kanye West.

He also did some production work for the likes of Lil Pump – with who he later collaborated on his album “Lucid Dreams”.

In 2018, Juice Wrld released his first two projects a collaborative mixtape with Future called WRLD ON DRUGS that received critical acclaim from both critics and listeners alike, and another project titled Death Race For Love which was led by its single “Hurt” featuring rapper Post Malone. The song garnered over 150 million streams on Spotify alone in just under four months after release.

Juice Wrld has headlined tours across North America alongside many popular hip hop artists including Travis Scott & Young Thug as well as Metro Boomin.

In 2019, Juice Wrld released his latest project called “Goodbye & Good Riddance” which features collaborations with Travis Scott and Future – both “Hurt” collaborators previously mentioned in this article.

It also includes a song titled “Lucid Dreams” featuring Lil Pump as well as Post Malone’s vocals from the aforementioned single Death Race For Love. Making it one of only two songs on Goodbye to not feature new verses by Juice Wrld himself.

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