Jason Derulo is a famous American singer, songwriter, and dancer from Florida. He made his identity from his first singles. Moreover, Jason set the record and example for the young generation. Let’s take a deep look at his personal life. Does Jason Derulo have kids?

Well, the answer is yes. Jason has a son. Recently in 2021, his girlfriend Jena Frumes gave birth to a baby boy. After the birth of a baby boy, Jason shared his feeling on Instagram account. Even he posted a video of his newborn son on social media. 

Jason Derulo / Image / Instagram: @jasonderulo

On Instagram, Jason wrote, “The happiest day of my life bringing our baby boy (Jason King Derulo) home”. He also added, “He’s so lucky to have such a strong caring hero of a mother @jenafrumes,”

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A few months ago in March, Jason and Jena announced that they are going to be parents. With an image, Jason revealed about Jena’s pregnancy. Jason shared his excitement to start his new chapter.

In the image of Jena, she was invisible full of the womb. Whenever a song or music played, their son started to kick in the womb. They enjoyed the period of pregnancy.  

However, they did not hide Jena’s pregnancy like others. Jason is the one who was more excited to be a father. During pregnancy, Jena shared his photo on social media. 

Jena Rumes / Image / Instagram: @jenafrumes

After having a boy, they find their life more meaningful. They are happy to be parents and enjoyed their life with their sons. The singer Jason was eagerly waiting for his child, who shares his family name. 

How is Jason Derulo’s Relationship with his Son?

Jason Derulo became a father for the first time in 2021. His son’s name is not revealed yet. From the beginning of his girlfriend’s pregnancy, he was really excited. 

Moreover, he used to spend time and tried his best to use his leisure time with Jena. Above all, he wanted to be a perfect father. When he first revealed the news, he was with Jena on the beach, walking together. 

Jason Derulo & Jena Drumes with their Son / Image / Instagram: @jenafrumes

After his son’s birth, he used to post regularly on Instagram with his son. At first, he posted a photo in which they both holding their son. Jena posted on her Instagram account from the starting of her pregnancy mainly focus on her womb. 

If you noticed Jason’s Instagram account, you will see several images of his sons. On fathers day, he posted a video of his son, wearing a t-shirt where writing ”love u Daddy”. 

In another video, he sings the song ”Jalebibaby” and dancing. When he stopped dancing, his baby boy started crying. After watching this video, his fans are amazed and happy to see him as a father. 

On the other hand, Jena also posted her son’s image on her verified Instagram account. After her son’s birth, her life goals are changed and pays attention to his child. 

Early Life of Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo was born in September 1989 in Florida, U.S. At an early age, he started to sing and also wrote lyrics for famous singers. However, he was interested in music from his childhood. 

At an early age, he attended an art school in which he joined some music competitions. This was the first attempt of his music career. Even he wrote his first song’s lyric. When he was in his teenage, he attracted people with his writing skills. 

Moreover, Jason Wrote the ”Bossy” song’s lyric for the famous rapper Birdman. In this song, Jason appeared as a guest, and because of his vocals, he was highlighted. 

As a result, he was inspired to be a musician. Because of his talent, his first single got famous and earned much. He wanted to be a solo performer that’s why he worked hard. 

How did Jason Rise to Fame?

Jason Derulo is a famous singer and songwriter. But his fame did not come overnight. He has to struggle and worked hard for his success. If you notice his social media fame, you will be surprised because he has a verified Instagram. 

On Instagram, he has above 7.8 million followers. His most recent song ”Jalebi Baby” is famous all over the world. People follow him to know his work update and special moments of life. 

After his son was born, his social media post being regular than before. There are many interesting videos posted by Jason. His social life is more colorful and entertaining day by day. 

With the blessing of social media, his fan knows about his pet named Icederulo. People are always curious about celebs personal life so they follow them on social media. 

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