Future is an American Grammy-nominated rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Does Future use Autotune?

Future does not use any autotune. In an interview with Complex, Future said “I don’t like autotune because it’s so robotic.” He continued to say that he prefers his sound to be raw and gritty. 

In the same interview, when asked if we should expect a different style of music on Honest, Future says:

“It still has my signature 808s-heavy sound but with new twists–some R&B songs here and there; some trap records too,” he tells us. “The only thing you’ll hear is me rapping about what I’m going through.”

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Future continues in this interview by reiterating how much confidence he possesses now after years of making hit records for himself. If a rapper used autotune, he can not go further.

“I know I’m the best rapper out. You can’t really go in my lane and do what I do, because you’re not me.” – Future

Future does not use autotune on his music and he prefers to keep it raw with no robotic sound or effects, yet some artists are starting to turn towards this type of technology for their own productions.

Future’s Famous Work

However, in High of Light, there are no such effects or other alterations to his voice.

By listening closely you can hear some background noise that is picked up by microphones when recording live music. This lends itself to natural recordings which were unheard of before mobile phones became prevalent.

This shows how we may be moving away from using AutoTune as much as we have been in recent years because it has become easier due to technology advancements like iPhones – since they allow us easy access and control over our voice.

His other works also achieve many sales and radio airplay. As a popular rapper, he has to maintain many rules and regulations.

To be successful, some techniques are followed by Future. For example, he does not use autotune in his music.

People loved him for his original voice and his honesty. This is the best gift for him.

Future’s Achievement

“I know I’m the best rapper out.” – Future; “You can’t really go in my lane and do what I do because you’re not me,” he tells us proudly.

He won a Grammy for his song ‘Move That Dope’, which was nominated for three awards including Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song at the 57th annual Grammy Awards.

Because of his talent, he doesn’t need to rely on artificial effects like some other artists do, which makes him the best in what he does.

Alongside the award, he gets people’s love, respect and support that is the best gift.

“We all know that Future is a genius and he doesn’t need to autotune,” says hip-hop artist T.I., “He’s doing what he does, the way it should be done.”

Touring around the world for his concerts has made him more popular than ever before. His song ‘March Madness’ was featured in an advertisement campaign with Nike and was nominated for Best Rap Performance at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.

The same year, Future started working on his second studio album titled EVOL which released earlier this month to rave reviews from critics who cite its thoughtful production as one of its best qualities.

Future continues to release new music videos each week like his newest video called Super Trapper featuring Drake. The song comes from the artist’s second studio album titled EVOL that was just released earlier this month.

Future continues to release new music videos each week including a recent installment called Greedy with Migos which has amassed over 18 million views on YouTube.

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