Dr. Dre has been a popular name in music for decades now, but there are also stories that claim he does not have any tattoos on his body.

Is it true? It’s hard to tell with all the different rumors swirling around him and his career these days. But one thing is certain: if Dr. Dre had tattoos, they would be cool as hell!

Dr. Dre has tattoos which are visible in his fans eye. He has a tattoo on his left hand. Recently, he shared an image with his son with matching tattoos. The tattoo looks like DNA with music signs.

It’s hard to tell from looking at photos of him because some are old and faded while others are new so it can get a little confusing when you’re trying to figure out what inks there might be under those clothes of his.

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For example, once upon a time, he was seen rocking the words ‘Death Row’ tattooed onto each knuckle but these days there are more rumors that he’s actually been inked up by Tommy Boy Records.

The good news is, if you’re interested and want to get a peek at what the ink might look like on his skin, we’ve got some pictures of Dr. Dre with tattoos so take a gander below!

Dr. Dre’s Tattoo Design

The design is the symbol for DNA. It’s encircled by music symbols and has a musical note in it that looks like an arrow.

He did a tattoo with his son which is matching music symbols. The symbol is the same as that of Death Row Records which he co-founded in 1991.

It’s a tattoo representing each knuckle on his hand, with purple letters and stars inked onto his fingers.

He had it done at one time when he was part of the hip hop group NWA but now there are rumors that Dr. Dre has been replaced by Tommy Boy records.

In his Instagram photo, he wrote a caption with his image like “What would I be today if not for music?”

Dr. Dre has a tattoo on his arm that says “Young Life” in cursive script, surrounded by musical notes and stars.

He also has an inscription on his right wrist that reads “NWA”. There’s another one below reading: “Westside Long Beach.”

To celebrate NWA turning 30 years old he got this particular design – the initials of each member joined together at their ends into what looks like wings coming out from behind him.

His tattoo is done by famous artist Mr. Cartoon, a friend of Dr. Dre’s. Dr.Dre has more than one tattoo on his body.

Is Dre’s Tattoo permanent?

One of the more popular tattoos is on his left forearm: “Mom.” It’s a simple design, just her name in cursive with praying hands underneath.

This one was done by Mr. Cartoon, too. He says he tattooed Dr. Dre for free because they had been friends since childhood and Dr. Dre helped him out.

He loved the tattoo so much that he felt the need to have some of his own. So, at a tattoo convention in Las Vegas, Dr. Dre got an angel and devil on either side of his neck”.

He has more than one tattoo which may or may not be permanent depending on factors such as age when getting tattoos done, how well they were done by professionals who use sanitary equipment and follow safety guidelines for needles used during the process.

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