Dj Khaled has been the center of a lot of scrutinies lately. A lot of people are saying that he doesn’t really play piano, and is just pretending to. So does Dj Khaled play piano? We’ll get into it right now!

The answer is no. Dj Khaled does not play piano. Sometimes he’ll just use his fingers to tap out a few chords, but that’s about it for him when it comes to playing music on the keys of an actual keyboard or at all if we’re being honest here. 

He might be able to pick up some basic tunes from listening and making educated guesses as well. So, there might be a chance that he could fool people in this manner but let’s face the facts.

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He cannot read or write musical notation because none of those skills have ever been showcased by him before on social media. In an interview, Khaled asked about playing instrumentals and being a producer, “I was good on the piano but I don’t play it anymore.”

Most people who know Dj Khaled from his music career knew that he does not ever come close to playing any instruments.

Everyone loves when they see him in interviews with musicians like Drake and Beyonce because you can tell how much fun he has just by watching them have a conversation about their favorite songs or artists.

He’s very laid back when it comes to this sort of thing too so these moments are always entertaining for viewers as well!

As a Musician

As a musician, Khaled wants to be known for his more mainstream sounds.

He’s not scared to experiment with different types of music but he does want something that is easy listening and will get people up on the dance floor in a hurry when they hear it.

He released his third album ‘We Global’ in 2008. In this album, he sings the singles “Out Here Grindin” and “Born Global”.

Khaled has been influenced by his father’s style of music, R&B. Some other artists, he is influenced by are Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

He does not like to compare himself to these musicians because they have accomplished so much more than what Khaled will be able to accomplish in his lifetime. But it still means a lot that these two icons were inspirations for him along the way.

However, he has not achieved this position without struggles. In his life, he struggled a lot to fulfill his dream.

Khaled released his seventh album in 2013 named ”Suffering from Success”. This album was inspired by his doctor. His doctor told him that he does not need to suffer from success and it is actually what most people would want.

From this album, he earned a lot and achieved respect. Being a musician is not easy to make good songs every time.

He does not want to be seen as a musician, but he sees himself as more of an entertainer.

Dj Khaled is still working on his next album and has many new songs that will make us all dance in the future.

The most recent song released was ”I’m The One” by DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne for the 2017 summer hits list.

Other Instrument

As a musician, it’s normal to play musical instruments. But he is not interested in any instruments.

On the stage, we could see that he does not have a keyboard or other instruments. He is just singing and DJing, but it’s enough to make him successful in the music industry.

Khaled told a news channel that he also told that music is his therapy and there’s no secret behind what makes him successful.

Dj Khaled has been called ”the most influential DJ of our time” by Billboard magazine because he achieved so much success with his songs like I’m The One ft Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne for 2017 Summer Hits List! This song will be one of your favorites this summer!

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