Chloe Ting is a famous Fitness enthusiast, Youtuber, fashion and travel content creator. She is more famous for her youtube channel. Her youtube channel subscribers above 19 million. Does Chloe Ting Have Kids?

Chloe Ting does not have a kid. She is not married yet. Ting is in a relationship with Adrian. They have appeared in many youtube videos. However, they continued their relationship for a long time. Adrian helps her by doing videos. 

Does Chloe Ting Have Kids
Chole Ting (via Instagram @chloe_t)

Her boyfriend Adrian is also a professional Youtuber. As a YouTuber, he helped her editing videos. Moreover, Ting is more interested in fitness activities and makeup tutorials.  

Though they stay in a long time relationship, it ends suddenly. However, they could not make a happy ending. Ting did not reveal the reason behind her separation. 

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Family and Personal Life

The couple appears to have a healthy and loving relationship, and they often share photos of one another on their respective Instagram accounts. 

Chloe Ting was very concerned about her relationship. When they were together, used to share their happy moment on social media. 

Ting typically posts her workout videos and motivational fitness exercise on her youtube channel. She used to create travel videos. 

Ting and her boyfriend Adrian dating each other for a long time and travel together. As a boyfriend, he is very supportive and caring. Adrian is the reason Behind her Instagram beautiful picture. 

Chloe is very protective of her family. So does not reveal much information. She belongs to a well-settled family from Brunei. Her father is a professional businessman, and her mother is a housemaker. As per online sources, she has two brothers. 

Ting has managed not to share any information about her family on social media. Chloe’s family still lives in Brunei, Australia. 

The youtube star is actually highly qualified. Her first video on youtube was a ‘back to school get ready with me routine’. According to her youtube channel, Ting reached 19 million subscribe within a short time.  

Early Life

Chloe Ting was born on 9 April 1986 in Brunei. She was brought up and spend her childhood in Brunei. 

However, She was born in a mixed ethical family. Her father is French and her mother is Latin. In her childhood, she spent most of the time with her two brothers. 

Moreover, her brothers are still in Brunei. She has not given any details about her childhood until now. Ting is more focused on nourishing her present life and career. 


From her childhood, she was serious about her education. She completed her school in Brunei. 

After finishing school, she moved to Melbourne for higher education. Then she completed her graduation from Monash University. Ting studied Economics & Business Statistics. 

Chloe achieved three degrees from Monash University. She also completed her Master’s of Philosophy. Her qualification is much better than any other celebs. 

As a trainer, she got a certificate for her skill. From an early age, she was very passionate about education. So, take education seriously and achieved three degrees. 

How did Chloe Ting Start?

Chloe Ting used to be an Actuarial Analyst. But in 2011, she created her youtube channel named Chole Ting. Her youtube channel reached 19 million within a short time. 

However, she began her journey as a Youtuber. Then, created videos on fashion, makeup, and traveling. 

As a fitness expert, she used to upload her workout videos on youtube. She is more interested in makeup since her childhood. So, she started makeup videos on her channel. 

Besides, Ting created traveling videos. Chloe’s all several videos are famous and loved by her followers. In her channel, most of the videos are related to workouts. 

However, her most popular workout video is ‘Get Abs in 2 WEEKs’. This video reached above 300 million views. During Covid-19, this video was got another level of popularity. 

During the lockdown, people could not go to gyms, fitness sessions, and so on. That time Ting’s fitness videos went viral.  

For this workout video, she got mixed reviews from people. Even she was roast on social media. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when the whole world went through a tough situation at that time fitness experts like Chloe Ting inspired people to be fit. Her workout videos helped people to conscious about health and immunity system. 

Ting was known as an online fitness trainer. Through her channel, she used to guide people about their health issues. 

Ting earned millions of fan followers during the covid pandemic. Along with fans she also got a huge number of haters. Haters used to do negative comments on her social media, youtube channel. 

Negative comments did not bother her anymore. Ting did not take these kinds of comments seriously. 

Chloe is not only a Youtuber but also an Instagram influencer. She is very active in social media and also inspired people through Instagram. 


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