The American rapper and mixtape artist Chief Keef is famous for his song ”I Don’t Like”. He has always invited troubles with his aggressive behavior. Anyway, let’s find out, does Chief Keef have siblings?

Well, the answer is yes. Chief Keef has a younger sister and a half-brother. He posted a photo of his sister and wished her happy birthday on Instagram. However, his sister’s name is Kierra Cozart, and half brother’s name is DJ Carter. 

Chief Keed / Image / Instagram: @chieffkeeffsossa

Though he did not reveal his family members on social media, we collected this information from his Instagram account. His sister Kierra was born in 1999 and completed his graduation in 2016. 

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After Kierra’s graduation, she will be a lawyer. Her mom told in an interview about her plan. But she did not choose a lawyer as her profession. Now she follows her brother and making a career in the music industry.

Even she joined her brother’s band as a member. On social media, she has another identity besides Chief’s sister. Keef shared a photo on his Instagram and wrote a caption…”Happy birthday to my lil sister Kyotg” 

Moreover, he has a half-brother Dj Carter. He was born in 2011 and joined school recently. Chief’s first daughter and his brother are the same age. Carter is a few weeks older than Kay Kay. 

Chief Keef’s Sister Kierra Cozart / Image / Instagram: @chieffkeeffsossa

Chief Keef tried to keep his family away from social media to avoid unnecessary controversy. But somehow media collected his all family information. People are very curious to know their idol’s personal life. 

Chief Keef’s Parents

Chief mother’s name is Lolitha R. Carter belongs to Chicago. She gave birth to Chief when she was in high school. After Chief’s birth, their condition was not good. 

However, Chief’s uncle was known as Big Keef. Keith Farrelle Cozart was named after his uncle name. Keef used to see his uncle’s interest in music. So, he followed his uncle and decided to be a professional rapper. 

Keef’s father Alfonso Cozart was a minor. In his life, his father is an important person, though he left him. Even Chief keeps good relation with his step-brother. 

Moreover, his stepbrother was shot and dead by a stranger killer in Chicago. He was also a rapper and started his career recently. No matter what did his father with him, he wants to continue his relationship with his father. 

As a rapper, he got success and fame at the same time. He was interested in music from his childhood because of his family background. Music is in his blood and his uncle inspired him a lot. 

Chief Keef’s Controversies

In his career, he faced many controversies. His behavior and aggressive reaction created all these issues. even he was banned from official Instagram.

Chief posted an obscene image which he got from his fans on Instagram. After some time of posting, he deleted the image but it did not work. His verified Instagram account was banned because of violating the rules and regulations of Instagram. 

Then he opped another account and this time, he was careful about posting anything. His activities are maintained through several apps. 

The American rapper Trippie Redd has reviewed a song in 2018 in which many rappers were featuring like Tadoe, Chief Keef. The same year, Keef was shot outside of the W Hotel. But in this incident, no one was injured. 

However, the investigation was continued by the New York Police. 6ix9ine was under investigation and in February, he accepted his guilt. He also told the police, he was the one who ordered to shot Chief Keef. 

Chief Keef Introduced Drill Music to the World

Chief is known as the pioneer of drill music. He is the one who introduced drill music to the world. He is a legend not because he rewrote the culture of Chicago city, but because he beat the rap game as his style.

Moreover, he has a record production business. As a record producer, he worked with many famous rappers. They record their songs and got success through the record label. 

Keef went through many ups and downs in his career. Drill music is the fortune for keef. He got famous and well known by people because of his music. 

In this music, he can able to show the world the dangers and real culture of Chicago. This is the best part of drill music. Keef worked hard that’s why he achieved success. 

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