Does Chanel West Coast write her music? This is a question that many people are curious about. She has been in the entertainment business for years, and she’s made it to Hollywood heights. It would be an interesting story if she had written all of her hit songs herself!

The answer is no; Chanel does not pen her tunes. Her first single was “Dance on My Own” which was co-written by Swedish producer Dragan Roganovic and Canadian singer-songwriter Darryl James. But the song ”The Middle” was writing by herself. 

Chanel said, “I wanted to make a song that expressed my true inner feelings at the time. I’m very private and good at masking my sadness with a laugh. Wanted people to see that even people with money and nice things aren’t always happy”

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In an interview, Coast talked about her writing song that revealed all the confusion. She was asked, “What does ‘The Middle’ mean?”

She responded, “I wrote that song after my mom had died. I needed to reconcile with myself and figure out what the middle was in this situation. It’s about being aware of where you are in life right now and not feeling like it needs to be perfect all the time.

Coast said “The words all came from my mind and he helped me with the melodies”

Musical Style

Listening to Chanel Coast is like taking a trip through the past. The singer’s musical style has been described as “a raw, emotional sound that harkens back to what people might have heard in say the 1950s or 1960s.” Her music runs with an old-fashioned vibe but it’s very modern at the same time.

Chanel West Coast has been an artist for over ten years, but she didn’t take her music career seriously until after graduating from college with a degree in psychology and sociology.

Because of her unique musical style, Chanel West Coast has been able to stand out from other mainstream artists.

Chanel: “I don’t really have a genre of music that I like more than another one.”

She says she’s not sure what her style is, but it does feel very different from everyone else in the industry today. “It’s just something about my voice and my melodies,” she said.

“People are coming up to me talking about how they’ve never heard anything like this before.”

Listening to Chanel West Coast will make you want to dance or sing along with her at your next karaoke session!

How Did she debut as a Singer?

In her early life, she wanted to be a singer and a dancer. After graduating from high school, Chanel attended the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles to study filmmaking.

While she was there, her talent for singing emerged during an acting class where they were required to sing as part of their role-playing exercise.

Chanel: “I had never really sung in front of people before that.”

She got hooked on all things music after this experience and began releasing original songs online through YouTube videos.

Hooked by the success of these early releases, West Coast continued writing new material until it led up to her debut EP release called “Don’t Play Nice” which launched worldwide with three singles including “Bae,”.

Right now, she is known as a famous singer and makes her identity all over the world.


Every celeb faced controversies in their life.

The singer Chanel West Coast, has been involved in an ongoing controversy over her recent release of the EP titled ‘Don’t Play Nice.

The album was released worldwide with three singles including “Bae”, which is also written by Chanel.”

West coast’s debut EP took storm all around the world because it had a catchy melody that people love to hear again and again.

It generated lots of positive reviews as well as new listeners who want to know more about this artist. People even made remixes for the songs from her album but some negative feedbacks were coming from one country where they thought she copied their national anthem.

Overall, she appears to be a musical artist who does write her music and has been able to generate interest from people all around the world.

Then, she tried her best to clear this matter with a statement that she does not copy other people’s music. With her compositions and catchy melodies, it is clear for everyone to see how amazing this young talented artist is in the industry of music.

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