Shad Gregory Moss is mostly known as Bow Wow. As a rapper and tv presenter, he earned fame with hard work. Does Bow Wow have a Grammy?

Well, the answer is no. Bow Wow does not have any grammy. But he achieved many awards. Though he did not get any Grammy, his award basket is full. He has a long way to go, and hopefully, he gets a grammy soon. 

Bow Wow/Image/Instagram: @shadmoss

However, he attended a grammy award function in 2017. In this function, we saw him talk and perform. Getting a grammy is a kind of dream for rappers. 

Bow Wow was nominated for the first time in 2001. BET gave him a nomination for viewers’ choice for his That’s My Name album. In the same year, he also got another nomination from Billboard Music Awards for the same album. 

The rapper won three awards in 2001. These were the first awards in his life. This is the best achievement and 

Moreover, he won these awards for his tremendous work ”That’s My Name”. In 2003, he got another nomination for the best breakthrough performance. 

Then in 2004, he got a nomination from Top R&B/Hip-Hop Singles ”Let’s Get Down”. In the same year, he got nominated for the Young Artist Awards. Next year, he also got another nomination.

However, 2006 was the year of Bow Wow. You are curious why i mention that. Because in 2006, he got four nominations. Because of his tremendous work, he achieved much. 

Bow Wow’s Achievement

In his short career, Bow Wow did several famous works. Because of this work, he got some awards. The most important matter is critics appreciate him. When a piece of work is appreciated by critics that means that was a great work. 

The best achievement of a rapper’s life is people’s love. That was unconditional. As a rapper, he did his best and always tried to work hard. Having a grammy is prestigious and people gave them more respect. 

Though he did not get one till now. He has a lot of chances to get one in the future. Rapper gets an award for his work, it’s a great achievement. Today what position he stands for or what he achieves, all of his hard work. 

Fame and award did not come overnight. People only see his achievement, did not see his hard work behind this success. Bow Wow has to struggle for this position.

Bow Wow as an Actor

As a multi-talented person, he also acts in films. Bow Wow started his acting career in 2001 in the ”Carmen: A Hip Hopera” movie. In this movie, he acted as Jalil in a supporting role. 

Then next year, he acted in another movie in a lead role. His character’s name was Calvin Cambridge in the movie Like Mike. His acting skill is good that’s why got many offers. 

After acting in the Like Mike movie, he got another two films in which bow acted as a lead role. Because of his talent in acting, he can grow a career in the film industry. 

Moreover, he created a documentary on his life and acted on this. Recently in 2021, he was acting in the movie F9. The supporting role was created by Bow Wow. 

However, his career in the film industry is quite well being. Because of his acting skill and hard work, he got famous in this industry. If you review his career, you will see his success. 

Other Activities

Bow Wow was connected to politics. In 2008, he has created an event to list the new voter. He was on duty in 15 cities to list the new voters. 

Later in 2016, he has faced a controversy that suffered him a lot. That time he posted on Twitter that, he did not go for the presidential vote. From that time, people criticize him. 

Bow Wow also responded to Donald Trump’s criticism of Snoop Dogg’s song. Then posted a tweet mentioning Trump but soon he deleted the tweet. 

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