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Does Bad Bunny Use Autotune?

The singer Bad Bunny has been on the rise in popularity recently. His music is catchy and his videos are hilarious, but does he use autotune? That’s what we’re going to find out!

The answer is no! I’ve listened to his songs, and he doesn’t sound like the typical autotuned music. Bad Bunny has this really cool sound that makes them different from other artists. So, using autotune is a rumor which is spread through social media.

Does Bad Bunny Use Autotune

In an interview, Bunny asked about using autotunes. He said ‘”I don’t use the autotune, I sing.” That’s the proof he does not believe in autotune.

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Bunny’s voice can be heard more vibrantly and effortlessly in his songs without the autotune. The singer does not use autotunes, and that’s what makes him so unique!

His voice also sounds like an instrument which makes listening to his songs special. It would never sound as good if autotuned!

He said: ‘”I have my own style, you can recognize me among others with just one note”. This means that Bunny knows who he is as an artist by excluding auto-tune; instead of relying on his natural voice to create music for everyone else to enjoy.

Musical and Lyrical Style

Having a different lyrical style is an extraordinary talent. Bad Bunny’s musical style can not match anyone else’s.

He does not use any autotunes, and he also has a different lyrical style as well! The singer is able to create music that no one can imitate or replicate.

Bunny says: ‘”I have my own idea’, his lyrics are in Spanish and English.” Mixing two languages on the same song makes it more appealing when heard by listeners who don’t understand either language of them.

bad bunny autotune
bad bunny without autotune
bad bunny voice type
Bad Bunny / Image / Instagram: @badbunny.pr

This shows how diverse Bad Bunny really is! His musicality increases because of his ability to be fluent in multiple languages. He uses both Spanish and English throughout all of his songs which make him unique from anyone else with only one voice type!”

To be a unique lyrical style, Bunny deliberately mixed two languages in one song.

Career Beginning

In his life, Bunny struggle a lot to do his best in the music industry. He wanted to be an artist and not a technician.

His first song was “Te Pareces A Ti” which he co-wrote with his friend. After that, he released the album ‘Solo Una Vez’.

DJ Luian heard his music and introduced him to a producer team Mambo Kingz. From that time, he was working hard and make his identity.

His second album is called X 100PRE’, it reached No. 29 on the Billboard Latin albums chart, making him one of the most popular Hispanic artists on this list!

The album also includes songs like “Cuando Estoy Contigo”, “Lovumba,” and many other great tracks.” In November 2017 Bad Bunny release his third studio number entitled Los Animalitos, Edición XXI.

It debuted at number twenty-five on Billboard 200 chart promoting himself as a successful young singer who can make good music.

X 100PRE also charted at number twenty-two on the Top Latin Albums chart, with “Amorfoda” as its best performing track.

In September 2018, Bad Bunny release his fourth studio album called El Imperio. The album was a success in both Spanish and English markets promoted by singles like “MIA”, “Después del Temblor,” and many more which are waiting for you to listen!

The songs have an urban tone that will make you dance all night long without stopping!” His last work is this self-titled El Imperio album where he features great artists such as Cardi B, Drake, Daddy Yankee among others.

Social Media Fame

Bad Bunny is a famous singer with over 14 million followers on Instagram.

He’s also a blogger and social media star who has more than 40 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

People love to follow him on social media and want to know more about him. He is active on social media and used to post special things about his daily life.

However, he also posts about his work and upcoming work update. That makes people exciting about this work.

Achievements and Awards

Bad Bunny has won several awards, such as the Latin American Music Award for Best Urban Artist in 2017.

He also received a nomination at the Billboard Latin Music Awards for Top Streaming Song of the Year with “Te Bote.” The song had more than 14 million views on YouTube within five days after its release.

This is not all he’s accomplished; Bad Bunny was nominated at this year’s Grammy Latino 2018 award show in four categories: Album of the Year and Entertainer or Group of 2018, among others.