Action Bronson is a popular rapper, but does he have his restaurant? The answer may surprise you.

This blog post will discuss the question of whether or not Action Bronson owns a restaurant, and why it is important to know if he does or not.

The answer is no. Bronson does not have a restaurant. But he was a chef in New York City before being a rapper. His passion for cooking makes him work at his father’s restaurant called Mediterranean restaurant. He learned cooking from his mother and grandmother.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he said, “I’m like the most popular food critic in America right now. I love going out and trying new foods.”

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This proves that while he doesn’t have his venue for cooking or serving up other people’s dishes. He loves trying out new foods at others’ restaurants!

Bronson learned cooking from his family. So don’t be surprised if you see him on a TV cooking show one day.

He is a chef by trade. So it’s only natural that if you ever find him doing some simple dishes or tasting other people’s food at a nearby eatery.

His mother taught him how to cook when he was younger along with his grandmother. so if you ever find him doing some simple dishes or tasting other people’s food at a nearby eatery it’s normal.

Cooking in his Blood

He was the first one in his family to be a chef. And he learned from his mother and grandmother.

Bronson’s favorite food is chicken parmesan but the dish that makes him feel like a true chef is beef carpaccio “I’m not as good at cooking fish yet”.

“When I was nine years old, my mom got me into doing stuff in the kitchen with her because she didn’t want to do it all by herself.”

He also doesn’t always cook either: “Nine times out of ten if someone has really tasty shit on the table, you can go ‘Fuck this! Yo!’ And eat their food,” Bronson says. “Especially when you’re drinking.”

Then, he started work in a restaurant in New York. In the kitchen, one day he faced an accident and broke his leg. After that, he started his journey as a rapper from his hobby.

Bronson chose his profession as a chef but fate did not allow him. As a chef, he loved to cook and eat every kind of food.

He shared about his eating habit in an interview with Vulture and said “I just like to eat. I love food.”

Action Bronson Creates Food Video Series

Action Bronson has created a series of cooking videos for food and other edible goods. The show is called “F—, That’s Delicious.” His TV crew shows him at markets, restaurants, breweries, etc.

Tasting new foods and talking to the people who make them. He also sometimes goes on adventures such as eating birds’ nest soup in Hong Kong or trying sea urchin roe dishes with his grandmother around Queens.

In one episode, he follows New York chef David Chang from Momofuku Ko through Seoul’s competitive soup scene to Tokyo, where they eat raw herring eggs dipped in soy sauce before taking part in a local game show that tests contestants knowledge about kimchi ingredients.

Action enjoys the show because of the delicious food.

Love to cook and eat 

At his first-ever food truck event at SXSW with chef Jon Shook from LA’s Animal Restaurant. Bronson said: “I want to do something for my people here in Texas. I think it’s time that we have some real fuckin’ good burgers.”

And if you’re wondering what happens when these two chefs get together? Well, they did tacos! On an episode of the Vice series entitled “Action,” which premiered on HBO.

Bronson has a dream job to perform on a food truck. It’s not like what you think, in this truck has all the opportunity for Action. Like, It has a stage where he can show along with cooking.

Though he is a rapper, he is more interested in cooking. Even, he published a cookbook. It’s all about his passion for cooking.

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