50 Cent is one of the most famous rappers of his era. He is not only popular for his song but also famous for his acting career. Including his rapper career, there has been a ton of questions. The most searched question is ”Does 50 Cent still sing”?

Well, there is no confusion that 50 Cent is still singing. His last album was released in 2017 and named Best Of. From that time, he did not release his singles or album. In an interview, 50 Cent confirmed that he will release his next album in 2021’s Autumn. 

50 Cent/Instagram: @50cent

50 Cent is connected with the music industry as a part and parcel. In 2020, he was the executive producer in late rapper Pop Smoke. Now 50 Cent is working on his upcoming album. 

From 2017 to 2020, he took a break from his music career. So that he can produce the best one. Taking a break does not mean, he is going to retire. 

Before coming into the music industry, he used to sell drugs. Making music and getting famous was not easy for him. There were plenty of things, he tried in his life for making music. 

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How did the rumor spread?

According to social media, there has been plenty of news about 50 Cent’s music. A question was raised on social media that indicate 50 Cent’s retirement. 

The rumor spread through social media. People nowadays believe anything, they saw on social media. 50 Cent is addicted to music so there is no chance to retire. 

The most important matter is, this is the high time for 50 Cent. He is still famous in the music industry. Several online newspapers spread the rumor intentionally. 

All kinds of celebs faced these kinds of rumors. That’s why they did not pay attention. At first, 50 Cent did not care about the rumor. Then the rumor went out of control. 

Because of his business purpose, he did not get enough time to make music and sing. 

50 Cent’s Musical Style

Every rapper and singer has a different musical style. Celebs like 50 Cent has also a unique style. His career is not long like other singers. 

In his career, he made several songs that got famous. His vocals and genre are different. This is the uniqueness of 50 Cent. Because of his unique style, Cent got popularity in his era. 

From a drug seller to a famous rapper, his journey was not easy. Because of his hard work, he is established in the music industry. Before got popular, he find out his weak point and worked on it. 

That is the way, he got successful and famous. Moreover, he also collaborated with several famous singers. Because of his vocal cord, he did well in the music industry. As a singer, he is well known and popular. 

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