When Bitcoin was originally designed, the intention was for it to become a currency. Bitcoin was meant to become a major way for people to conduct international trade, without the regulation of the banks. As you probably know, things haven’t quite worked out that way. A lot of the pricing for Bitcoin has been in the hope that it would eventually become a currency, and while we have come close in some areas (e.g. casinos), we are not quite there yet. 

Let’s explain.

Bitcoin as a currency

Bitcoin is something that, essentially, has no value. Now, before people start to get angry with us about that, it doesn’t have value like your standard currencies. Standard currencies used to be backed by gold (although, they are not any more, at least in major countries). This meant that there was always ‘something’ that gave the currency value. Bitcoin doesn’t have this. Bitcoin’s value is based purely on the fact that somebody says it is worth a particular amount of money.

This has meant people have speculated on Bitcoin’s future value as a currency. People believed that it would become big in the future and have thus assigned it an incredibly high value. However, when companies didn’t adopt Bitcoin at quite the rate people believed they would, the value of Bitcoin plummeted.

That’s not to say that Bitcoin won’t ever be used as a currency. It will be. It just isn’t happening as quickly as most thought it would, but many major investors are still putting a lot of cash into Bitcoin because they know that, sooner or later, Bitcoin will become a currency. Well, it is already a currency – it will just become more of an accepted currency than it is right now.

One area where cryptocurrency seems to be thriving is in the world of online casinos. There are many incredibly popular online casinos (some of which have been around for decades) that have twisted their entire business model to focus on accepting cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Since online casinos are a massive industry, online casinos are starting to give a little bit of legitimacy to Bitcoin as an accepted currency. In fact, in our opinion, it will be online casinos that accept Bitcoin that will be the driving force in the future popularity of Bitcoin.

How Bitcoin is used as a currency

As you know, a currency is something that you can trade for goods and services. So, the USD is a currency because it is accepted in the US (and some other countries) as a way to buy something that has perceived value. Bitcoin is seen in the same light, albeit with not quite the same degree of acceptance as the USD.

In recent years, there has been more of a push toward the acceptance of Bitcoin as a currency or asset, for two reasons:

  1. Its value is rising, and thus people believe that accepting Bitcoin could earn them cash in the future. After all, if they sit on the Bitcoin they have received as payment, there is a chance that they will end up with more value.
  2. People want Bitcoin to be seen as a proper currency, so they are trying to stimulate the market a bit. Of course, this will eventually push the value of Bitcoin up too, and that investment will now have value.

You’ll probably notice that a lot of people enjoy using Bitcoin due to the way that the cryptocurrency works. It is relatively anonymous. It is something kept hidden from the banks. 

We are also seeing Bitcoin being accepted as a currency for goods and services, in ways that precious metals and investment-grade jewelry have been in the past (and in some cases still are). Although it isn’t quite as widespread as one would hope at this point, it is a good thing that crypto is starting to be seen as a legitimate payment method by many people. It could potentially impact the success of the currency. 

The future of Bitcoin

At the moment, Bitcoin is an investment. When people buy Bitcoin, they are buying in the hope that Bitcoin will soon have some value as a currency. While Bitcoin as a fully-fledged currency is still some way off, we are starting to see more and more situations where Bitcoin is being used to buy goods and services. The casino industry is going to be a massive driving force here. Based on what we have seen so far, it appears as if Bitcoin is slowly getting closer to being the currency that it has always wanted to be, though it may take a few more years to get to that point. 


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